Four ways to grow a brand with custom stickers

Are you working hard, growing your new company? Or maybe you are an established brand and are about to launch into a new community?

In the next few minutes, we will share with you various ideas to help you grow your brand using stickers.

Yes, stickers! Custom stickers are a fantastic tool to help grow your business. 

Why stickers, you ask?

Two key reasons are their low cost and that people don’t think of them as advertising. Try just handing them out to your customers or passers-by at a trade stand; almost everyone will gladly accept them and view them as a gift. And it won’t cost much!

Giving gifts to prospects & customers is a well-proven way to increase sales because of the rule of reciprocity in social psychology. 

People feel compelled to return the favour and are more likely to buy from you.

So how do you best use custom stickers to grow your brand?

We’ve got 4 ideas below to get you started.

1. Branding for your packaging

First impressions, as we know, are vital to get right.

When your goods arrive with your customer, you want a beautiful, branded experience that the customer remembers. Custom branded packaging with stickers is effective and low-cost. You can also choose biodegradable stickers so you can put your packaging straight into recycling after using.

The best thing about marketing with stickers is that no matter what kind of brand you are, stickers can be made useful. Even if you are a cannabis brand, together with your custom cannabis packaging solutions, you could attach the stickers of your brand logo or similar in your packaging.

2. Add stickers to your orders

As stickers are low cost, putting them in with your products is a no brainer. This is why brands such as Apple and Google add stickers with their phones.

There are over 3 billion mentions of brands per day, and most happen offline.

Imagine your prospects seeing your sticker on the back of a laptop on a packed train – that can be very powerful. 

Add stickers to your orders and make the most of this!

3. Make a visual impact with floor graphics

Floor stickers have been used everywhere since Covid 19. Try changing a dull 2m social distancing into a fun experience with your brand.

You can get it printed in your colours, add your logo or a message to make it memorable.

4. Give away stickers at events

We discussed earlier the massive impact you can make with stickers and by giving them away. 

Stickers are a fantastic way to increase your brand’s presence in a customer’s office to avoid being forgotten.

Investing a little bit of money in a premium holographic sticker that looks incredible when stuck on a laptop can be amazingly effective.

I hope you like these 4 ideas, and they’re getting your mind racing with ideas.

If you have other ideas or some questions about the ideas we’ve shared, please comment below.

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