Farah Khan Flees Pakistan on the Day of The Dissolution of The National Assembly 

As Imran Khan’s ride to success has been halted by the Apex Court of Pakistan, he is now going to face the no-trust motion in the National Assembly. In the meantime, Pakistani media has come up with more details about the famous Farah Khan – the closest friend of Pakistan Prime Minister’s spiritual guide and first wife, Bushra Bibi. Farah Khan left Pakistan on the day Imran Khan advised the president to dissolve the National Assembly. 

The businesswoman had become powerful through several unofficial dealings. As a result, he was fearing her arrest in the face of the Pakistan political crisis. Reports have also suggested that Farah’s wealth grew by leaps and bounds after 2018 as Imran Khan became the PM. 

As per Pakistan news, Farah Khan had 231 million Pakistani Rupees as her declared asset in 2017. However, in four years, it became ₹971 million. During the initial years of the government led by Imran Khan, Farah had bought a number of properties in various cities, along with making hundreds of millions as investments. The media documents suggest that Farah has a number of luxury properties in Islamabad and Lahore, including a grand villa of 934 sq. yards. 

Musa Maneka’s allegations regarding Farah Khan’s betrayal 

Farah did not have to file any taxes in 2018, but her assets grew twice in a year. She even has an apartment in the UAE. Her quickly increasing property is linked to Usman Buzdar, who was appointed as the chief minister of Punjab at that time. 

As per Pakistan opposition leaders, Farah worked as the top frontperson of Buzdar and allegedly took money for postings and transfers. Farah made a huge chunk of money from that, as is alleged. 

On the other hand, the ex-CM of Punjab has denied all accusations of having a link between him, Imran Khan, Farah Khan, and Bushra Bibi. He categorically rejected all the allegations of this connection. In fact, he even blamed Chaudhry Sarwar, Aleem Khan, and a couple of other members of the opposition for bringing such fabricated allegations against him. He said the opposition has no evidence in bringing the charges against him and Farah khan. 

Was Farah Khan and Imran Khan really that close? 

Farah Khan is the closest friend of Bushra Bibi. In fact, Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan got married at the residence of Farah Khan. 

As per one of the reports, Farah Khan might have fled amidst the crisis in Pakistan, but she did not fail to attend the Iftar bash at Bushra Bibi’s sister’s place in Abu Dhabi. Another photo of Farah sitting inside a flight has now gone viral. The opposition has pointed out that the handbag visible in the picture is worth at least $90,000. 

However, Musa Maneka, one of the sons of Bushra Bibi, said that his family has no connections with Farah Khan. He also added that Farah has betrayed his family by fleeing Pakistan at this crucial point where the country is facing major unrest. 

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