Factors Determining Safety Boots Price in Kenya

Safety boots are a special kind of shoe wear with a protective reinforcement to safeguard you from compression, fire, cold, impact, sharp objects and electric shock. When you are buying safety boots the price factor should come second, consider their protection status and the comfort you feel when wearing the boot. The boot should be of a good quality that suits the nature of your work. Various factors will influence your decision when buying a safety boot.

The following are factors that determine the price of safety boots in Kenya. Different brands have varying prices which are influenced by the purpose, the quality and the durability status of the safety boot. Is important to ensure the boots guarantee your protection and feel comfortable when you wear them.

The Purpose of the Safety Boot

Different occupations have different forms of hazards to protect you from. The safety boots cost for each specialty is different.  For example, when working in an explosive section you need electric conducive shoes that will insulate you from electric shock and inflammable. Sites with the danger of falling objects are safe by having toe-capped boots like steel-toed boots to protect your toes which have different rates.

The Quality of Material Used

The material used when manufacturing safety boots is a major determinant of its price. When original leather is used to make the boots the price is usually higher compared to when synthetic leather is used. Boots with PU soles which give abrasion resistance and are water-resistant are quite expensive and can determine the safety boots price in Kenya. The inclusion of mesh lining in the steel toe cap, and the rubber, cotton and woolen materials have a positive price impact on the Boots Price.

The Durability of the Boot

The period which the boots can last when you clean and maintain them well can affect their cost. Boots with longer life tend to cost higher than boots that get damaged quickly and are disposed of. You can view long-lasting boots as expensive but they are cheap compared to the cost of replacing cheap boots that depleted after some time. Investing in durable boots gives you a return on your investment.

Tips When Buying Safety Boots


Safety boots come in different styles. Some boots are ankle-length and others are knee-length. They come in different shapes and colors, ensuring you choose the color and the design that you like.


There are different sizes of safety boots. Always consider buying the right size of boot that you feel comfortable wearing. Depending on the nature of your work, if you spend long hours working consider buying a bigger size that will ensure a continuous flow of blood and air circulation.

Material Used

The material used on your boot should be easy to clean. In damp areas consider boots you can wash, dry and water resistance to avoid foot infections. In a cold environment buy a boot that will make you feel warm.


Safety boots are a prerequisite in hazardous working environments. The price may vary from different brands but make sure your safety comes first. Buy a safety boot that fits you well, is comfortable and you are assured of your safety. By buying a good quality safety boot with time you will have value for your money.

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