Expenses of park machinery and park maintenance

The expenses of park machinery and park maintenance can be costly. For example, the city of San Diego spent over $3 million on park maintenance in 2016. This figure does not include the cost of park equipment or personnel costs. The city of Los Angeles spends even more on its parks, allocating over $50 million annually to maintain its more than 1,500 parks.


Much of this money goes towards keeping the parks clean and in good condition. Mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and clearing away debris are all necessary tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. Many parks also have playgrounds, basketball courts, and other features that require additional care.

How we can reduce the park expenses?

There are a few ways to reduce the expenses of park maintenance. For example, the city of San Diego has started using adaptive equipment to help keep its parks clean. This equipment includes a trailer that vacuums up leaves and debris, as well as a robotic sweeper that cleans the sidewalks and hard surfaces.

The city of Los Angeles has also started using new technology to help maintain its parks. One such example is the use of drones to inspect park facilities and identify any potential problems. This allows for faster identification and repair of issues, which can save the city money in the long run.

Adaptive equipment and new technology are just two examples of how cities can reduce the cost of park maintenance. There are many other ways to save money, such as outsourcing certain tasks, renegotiating contracts, or forming partnerships with private companies. By exploring all of these options, cities can ensure that their parks are maintained in a cost-effective manner.

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Techniques that we can use reduce park expenses are:

  • Using new technology to help monitor and maintain parks.
  • Outsourcing a part of a maintenance process.
  • Negotiating with companies for lower prices on materials/equipment used for park upkeep.
  • Replacing manual labor with automated equipment where possible to reduce the cost of hiring employees to do the work manually, such as using drones instead of humans to inspect hard surfaces or using robotic sweepers instead of people to pick up leaves from grassy areas.
  • Being creative when it comes to how you manage your resources in order to get the biggest return for your dollar spent, such as purchasing suitable equipment that is long-lasting so that it does not have to be replaced often, or sharing the cost of park maintenance with a neighboring city in order to reduce the financial burden for each municipality.

All of these techniques can help cities reduce the expenses of park maintenance.

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