Evidence To Prove A Drowsy Driving Collision 

People have developed various unhealthy habits, including sleeping late at night and not getting enough rest. This leads to drowsiness during the day. This drowsiness may not be dangerous for people who stay home during the day, but it is certainly dangerous for people who need to drive to work or college. 

While a lack of sleep poses health consequences for your health, it can also be dangerous for other people on the road. Driving while drowsy or fatigued could cause a catastrophic accident. If a drowsy driver has injured you, speak to a Hopkinsville personal injury attorney today. 

Evidence to prove a drowsy driving collision 

  • Lack of skid marks. 

Luckily, there are several ways one can prove if the accident was caused by drowsy driving, and one of them is the lack of skid marks on the road. Drivers aware of the road and their surroundings usually try to stop their car from hitting another vehicle by pressing the brakes, which creates skid marks on the road. If there is a lack of such marks, it may indicate that the driver did not try to stop the accident, meaning they were distracted. 

  • The driver has a job that requires him to do long shifts. 

If the driver responsible for the accident works a job requiring long shifts, they may not be well rested while driving. Since they often drive to and from work being sleep deprived, they may not be able to give their best the rest it needs to function properly. Not following a proper sleep schedule reduces alertness and increases reaction time. 

  • Witness statements. 

In most accident cases in Hopkinsville, the most important evidence is witness statements. A statement from an eyewitness who observed the driver’s head bobbing or eyes closed while driving could be crucial to your case. An expert witness testimony can also be useful in such cases. An accident reconstructionist could help you reconstruct the accident and show that the driver was swerving before colliding with the vehicle. Drowsy drivers often drift out of the lane. 

  • Dash camera footage. 

If you have a camera on your car’s dashboard or the at-fault driver has one, it can easily prove that they were drowsy. For example, your camera could show the other car’s movements moments before the accident unfolded, and the at-fault driver’s camera could show the footage of them being sleepy or asleep. 

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