Dust blower buying guide in Kenya

A blower is a device that pushes out gases by increasing its pressure and speed. This device is put into use when dealing with sanding, cutting, and drilling types of work that bring a lot of dust. You can use it to clean up devices or cars; therefore, it is a multipurpose device.

In the market, we all try to acquire or purchase something that will serve us well but at affordable prices that match our budget. There is always a range of items when you want to buy something, and most of the time, the prices depend on the brand and the features of the particular product you choose.

This article will focus on the latest prices and the machines’ parts. It will help to keep customers up to date since prices keep fluctuating.


As I previously stated, nothing in the market is ever steady. The business climate is constantly changing, influencing the prices of various commodities in different seasons. The price range of the items on the market is relatively low. The price difference is primarily determined by the brand and the characteristics of the equipment.

People have a widespread belief that “the lower the price, the lower the quality.” It is not always true. This is because you must know what particular item you are looking for and what the purpose of the product is before you can decide on what you want to buy.

However, when it comes to the information available on the dust blower price in Kenya, these machines have a quite affordable pricing range. This factor makes it a worthwhile purchase, especially due to their characteristics and the services they provide.

Key Features

No-load speed

For most of the machines in the market, the no-load speed ranges from 0-16000 RPM. It makes the devices conveniently conduct their work and makes the job easier. This feature makes the machine powerful and hence efficient no matter the purpose you want to be fulfilled.

Air velocity and high power

With these machines, most have an air velocity of 179 mph. The commodity uses a lot of air for it to be able to suck as much dirt as possible hence the higher the air velocity, the better and more efficient. Regarding power, the commodities have high power that ranges from 400-700W, which makes dust removal very easy. The goal is always to have the best work done using the most effort.

Built-in copper motor and high toughness fan blades

This trait is also found in most machines and is appropriate for the wind, pressure, and high volume, all of which are relatively high. The air sensor contains a filter that prevents foreign matter from entering, providing the system with top-tier protection.

In summary, the article has just mentioned the general vital elements to provide insight into what machines we use on a day-to-day basis. Now I am sure you are more confident than before to purchase one of the brands of this machine for yourself

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