Double eyelid surgery technique

Whether it’s double eyelid surgery, double eyelid correction, solving all kinds of eye problems. Different double eyelid surgery techniques will be used according to the purpose of each individual. Before doing Double Eyelid Surgery, a team of expert surgeons will have a thorough discussion about the treatment guidelines. In order to get results that meet the needs of the patients as much as possible and give the most natural feeling The technique of Double Eyelid Surgery uses mainly 2 techniques as follows:

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1. Techniques for opening a small incision for Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery with small incision technique It is a short incision method. Opening the wound only 1 cm, it can give double eyelid surgery with sharp lines, but not thick, not fooling the eyes, giving the most natural results. Suitable for people who do not have too much eyelids. By double eyelid surgery, this technique opens a small incision. The doctor will make a small incision in the upper eyelid area. and remove some unnecessary fat After that, the wound was sutured. This technique is popular in double eyelid surgery to solve problems in people who do not have eyelids. or want to make a new eye layer to see more clearly

2. Techniques for opening long incisions with Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery with open long incision technique It is a method of incisional surgery along the length. Open the incision about 2.5-4 cm. that will result in a sharp eye line throughout the eye line. and can cut off the excess eyelids precisely. Remove fat in one go Suitable for people who have a lot of fat on the eyelids. The eyelids have thick skin. or the eyelids are very muscular by double eyelid surgery with this long open incision technique The doctor will cut a long wound along the line. to open up the eyes The length and width of the eyes are opened. to help lift the eyelids Then the eye muscle layer is sutured. This technique is commonly used to solve the problem of drooping eyes in Solve the problem of sagging eyelids, correct double eyelids

However, each technique for Double Eyelid Surgery must be evaluated by a specialist. to lay down guidelines for treatment and designing double eyelid surgery, double eyelid correction, to solve all kinds of eye contour problems to achieve the most perfect results for each individual

Results of Double Eyelid Surgery

The team of surgeons will choose the technique of Double Eyelid Surgery that best suits each individual’s problem. Each technique of double eyelid surgery will give the most natural beautiful eyes result. It was like he hadn’t gotten through a lancet in the slightest. but creates the appropriately sharp eye layer, beautiful big eyes and provides a satisfactory solution to the problem and due to the use of modern surgical equipment and tools Thus providing safety, less pain, less swelling and faster recovery.

By doing Double Eyelid Surgery, a thorough discussion and consultation with a doctor is required. to obtain guidelines for treatment Double eyelid surgery that is truly suitable for each individual, therefore, the result of double eyelid surgery can provide a satisfactory solution. Beautiful eyes in the style that suits you the most. however Eyes will be beautiful after 1-6 months of double eyelid surgery, depending on the eye surgery that solves different problems for each person.

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