Does your business stand out from the crowd?

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD standing out from the crowd is important and it really is one of the main fundamentals of any marketing strategy. These days’ people have a lot of choice. With the ad management  of the Internet that choice has increased even more. If people can’t find your number easily or if you are hidden away among your competitors you may be in trouble. It is important to send out a very clear message that you are here, you are ready, willing and able to be of service and most importantly of all that you are great at what you do.

Promote your business from the outside in

Be proud to promote your business by putting a sign on the wall. I used to deal with a large graphic design company that had an upstairs office on one of the busiest intersections in town. They had a huge wall in full view from anywhere on the intersection and they never got around to painting a sign on this wall. Eventually they moved out because business was bad.

Put your message on the company car

Like all outdoor signage, company vehicles are an excellent way to promote your business. Most businesses have at least one company vehicle that can be anything from a utility to a bus. These vehicles tend to be on the road all day, all over the city. What better way to tell people about your business than a moving sign?

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Turn your invoice into a sales tool

Most companies send out invoices and statements on a regular basis. Invoices are normally passed through a number of hands before they actually reach the person that signs the cheque. This provides the opportunity for you to promote your business to a number of people who are already aware of what you basically do but perhaps not of every facet of what your business has to offer. Check out WeInvoice, if you want to know about it. 


Decide what type of message you would like to give your customers and then decide on a name to suit that image. Don’t be afraid of changing your business name if the focus of the work you offer or the products that you produce have changed.

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