Do you encourage your staff to build your business?

ENCOURAGE YOUR STAFF TO BUILD BUSINESS Good staff are the backbone of any successful business. Unfortunately, most of the time all I ever hear are people complaining about problems with their staff, not their good points. From my experience staff are as good as the training and encouragement they receive. Of course we all make mistakes and hire the wrong people occasionally. The point is that if they are the wrong person, either work on making them the right person or bite the bullet and find the right person.

Ask your staff and your customers to give you their opinions

We all get too close to our own businesses. A fresh pair of eyes can often identify creative and innovative ways to market and promote your business. Putting a suggestion box in your workplace is another one of those ideas that people sometimes cringe at. But take heart, there are people with some fantastic ideas on how to improve your business and some of them may be working for you or some may already be your customers.

Offer incentives based on results

Many business operators believe that paying a person a wage should be incentive enough for them to perform at their peak. Unfortunately this is generally not the case. Most businesses could increase revenue dramatically if their staff sold more product. Once your staff know how to sell try giving them an incentive to sell—your business will ultimately receive the benefits.


I have often seen a mediocre staff member blossom into a key member of staff once they were given the responsibility. If someone is doing a good job and deserves recognition, give them a title. People love titles and the extra sense of responsibility they bring. Instead of a Sales Attendant perhaps upgrade them to a Senior Sales Executive. In recent years the title of ‘Director’ has become very popular.

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