Critical Considerations when Buying Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

People are exposed to a lot of danger in their working environment due to dusty working surfaces. Due to this, scientists came up with a vacuum cleaner to help in keeping the surfaces clean. This has led to the maintenance of workers’ welfare.

The vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that applies a vacuum suction process, the vacuum absorbs the dirt particles and store them safely and is ready for disposal. Is it not interesting? This is another innovation that has come up due to the new technology to help reduce the health risks associated with the work environment.

Figure 1: A wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

The Varieties of Vacuum Cleaners

The cleaners are of different types and sizes ranging from canister vacuum which is mainly for hard floor and carpets, a deep cleaner that uses warm to hot water for removing spots on carpets, an upright vacuum which is purposely for large carpeted floors, stick vacuum for cleaning of spills on the floor and pet vacuum for collecting the pet hair hence minimize its bad odour.

Difference between Bagless and Bagged Vaccum Cleaner

The cleaners are either have bags for storing the dirt or made up bins for the same. Bagged cleaners can hold more dirt particles and have an indicator light for informing on when to replace the bag. Cleaners that come with bins are associated with the release of a lot of dirt particles on air when emptying the bin though it saves on bag replacement costs.

The floor Surface Texture 

Various vacuum cleaners are designed for use on different floor surfaces, once meant for carpets should never be used for hard floors. The cleaners always have a manual that describes where and what the machine should be used for. It is also advised that you should consider using the correct cleaning detergent where necessary depending on the floor type.

Your Floor area

There are several types of vacuum cleaners; resulting to the difference in the wet and dry vacuum cleaner price Nairobi. Before you buy one you must always take note of your floor size and its requirements. The machine power is divided into three areas, those that work in small floor areas due to their low power, those that can cover up to medium surfaces and those that are designed to carry a task over a large surface area without destruction of machine parts.

Maintenance and Service practices

Having proper knowledge on how to handle your machine is the way to go, knowing all your machine requirements will make it work perfectly. The machine should have a routine maintenance practices like the lubrication of moving parts, cleaning properly after use and finally ensuring you replace the worn-out parts in good time. The above practices will warrant success in operating your machine.

To conclude, it is evident that buying a quality machine requires quality time. By considering the top tips that I have explained above, you are a step ahead of securing a quality machine that will give you proper services. Invest in quality and you will never regret it, for in quality there is maximum output in terms of machine service.

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