Crisis of Storing Oxygen Cylinder at Home During Pandemic

Covid-19 and corpses are getting longer every day. In such a situation, buying oxygen cylinders has become a great thing of concern. Corona patients undergoing treatment at home are using oxygen cylinders extensively as they are not treated at the hospital. Each oxygen cylinder price in BD is increasing a lot. Many people are renting oxygen cylinders to save their relatives.

In addition to cylinders, portable oxygen cans, portable ventilators and a small device called Pulse Oximeter for measuring body oxygen levels are at the top of online sales. Oxygen cylinders are being bought and stored at home, creating an artificial crisis. There is also a risk of death due to risky use of oxygen cylinders without the advice of specialist doctors.

Storing Oxygen Cylinder at Home

During Covid, many people are using patient care home service to get care at home and therefore they are buying extra oxygen cylinders. However, realizing the opportunity, a class of traders is keeping the price of a cylinder very high. The helpless relatives of the patient have become hostages to such traders. Most of the time they are going home buying cylinders at higher prices without bargaining.

Why Shouldn’t Store Oxygen Cylinder at Home

Oxygen is very important in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. But now many people are buying oxygen cylinders at home for Covid-19 treatment, which is not right. Because oxygen therapy is a technical matter. If someone other than a skilled physician administers oxygen to the patient, it can cause harm to the patient. Moreover, in many cases, high flow oxygen has to be given to Covid patients, which cannot be given at home. So the request to the public, do not buy and store oxygen cylinders in the house unnecessarily. Because it will create an artificial crisis of oxygen cylinders in the market and will deprive the dying patients of the hospital from receiving oxygen, which is not desirable for anyone.

Also the amount of oxygen therapy to be given per minute is only determined by the doctor and a technologist can decide how to measure the cylinder. Oxygen cylinders should not be used without skilled physicians and technologists, and storage of oxygen cylinders at home should be avoided as keeping them in storage may cause you to suffer from this oxygen crisis at a relative’s hospital.

Final Words

Shortness of breath is one of the major symptoms of coronavirus or Covid-19 patients. Patients who have tolerable levels of shortness of breath do not need to have an oxygen cylinder. But for those who have high levels of shortness of breath, need to be supplied with oxygen from outside to keep their respiratory system active, so it is very important to have a portable oxygen cylinder at home. However, do not create a crisis by storing extra cylinders, as many patients may be at risk.

After all, due to the storage of oxygen cylinders, the price is rising and on the other hand, there is a crisis, so everyone should be aware of this. Keeping one cylinder at home is enough, but do not store multiple cylinders to create a crisis. Though an oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh is a little high , you can buy it, then you will not need to stock oxygen cylinders. 

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