Creative Video Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Want to grow your small business faster? Without a doubt, you must start embarking on the journey of creating and using videos. There are various statistics to prove the efficacy of video marketing when it comes to achieving business growth.

According to estimates, 82% of all customer traffic will be made up of video content by 2022, and this is 15 times higher than what was the case in 2017. In fact, statistics are also showing that 93% of businesses get new customers because of branded visual content. Video advertisements are the number one way for consumers to discover brands and make purchases later.

In addition, 69% of consumers say that they prefer learning more about products and services by watching short videos, while 85% of individuals say they would like to watch more videos from brands.

The statistics above show how important it is for businesses to focus on videos to grow their brands in these present times – enough to convince anyone to include videos in their marketing strategy.

With all that being said, you’re probably wondering what kind of videos you must create. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started:

1. Introductory Videos

If you are just starting out in the market, making an introductory video can work wonders for your products and services. Such videos will help you introduce your brand and team while showcasing your business goals. You can also use these videos to illustrate your company values.

Introductory videos serve as entry tickets for businesses to their target industries. For growing businesses, it serves as an incredible scope to document the humble beginnings of their brand. Take the example of introduction videos by Warby Parker, a US-based retailer of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

The introductory video of this brand shares the common issue that inspired the organization and informs the audience of how their procedure provides a cost-effective solution.

2. Explainer Videos

People searching for information online actually want help. And that’s the reason why explainer videos have become quite popular on the web. These videos help viewers in different ways.

In this category, tutorial videos that demonstrate to the consumers how to use a product are extremely popular. You can even teach the audience a skill that your company is an expert at through explainer videos. Either way, explainers or how-to videos are a surefire way of bringing traffic to your site and gaining the favor of customers.

Take the example of Adobe Creative Cloud, which uses YouTube shorts to give users short tutorials of its products, making them learn the right way to troubleshoot problems they face with Adobe products.

Apart from explainers and introductory videos, you can use an online video editor for free to make top-quality testimonials, behind-the-scenes, FAQ, and event videos to garner the attention of your target audiences.

Tips on Using Videos to Promote Your Business

Some tips that can help you in achieving business growth by leveraging the power of videos are as follows:

1. Feature a Video on Your Landing Page

A wonderful way of creative video marketing that your business can implement is embedding video on your site’s landing page. It makes sense to feature a video there because the page serves as the face of your brand and is also the most visited page on your website.

The quality of your landing page determines whether you will earn the trust of your customers or drive conversions. And featuring a video on this page can enhance conversions by 86%.

This is obviously because people love videos, and when they find a video on your landing page, they are most likely to stay on your site for a long time. When your video is engaging enough to force the viewers to stay longer on your site, chances are the viewers will not leave without making a purchase decision.

2. Share Good Quality Videos on Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, it is important to use social networking sites to bring prospective buyers to your business. And what better way of doing this than using videos? Make videos that can be easily featured on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn and get your brand noticed instantly.

Videos with proper captions, titles, descriptions, and CTAs will easily grab the audience’s attention. With perfectly organized shots and a compelling CTA at the end of your social media video, you can get the audience into taking the desired action instantly.

3. Display Your Expertise

Use videos to display the expertise your brand possesses in a specific field. Are you dealing in an exclusive product? Is your team made of popular experts possessing several years of experience in the niche industry you are serving?

If you have all this to convey, make it a point to share it with the entire world through videos. This will build the credibility of your brand, which will drive more interest from the audience.

4. Show Customers That You Care for Them

These present times, when videos are ruling the marketing world, is the right time for you to express appreciation for your customers and prospects through videos.

Show your customers that you care for them and see how they appreciate this effort from your end.

5. Repurpose Existing Content into Visual Matter

This is a killer marketing strategy, as you can appeal to people’s varied preferences and tastes by offering them content in their preferred formats. Repurposing your blog posts and other forms of content into visually appealing videos can serve as a potent way of improving audience interest in your brand.

By doing so, you are not just catering to the diverse audience tastes but also getting access to different social media channels, each with its massive audience. With written content, you are limited to just Twitter and Facebook, but if you repurpose the same content into videos, you get access to YouTube as well.

So, do not ignore the incredible potential of repurposing existing content; it can play an important role in the growth and success of your brand.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it! Five creative video marketing ideas that will promote your brand like never before. Start following them and make stunning videos that will help you achieve business growth without taking much time.

Videos are very much in vogue and will always be. Thus, it is wise to get started on making informative videos according to your services, offers, or businesses to attract your customers. 

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