Complete Guide to Find the Right Price For Second Hand Dio in Bangalore

With the biggest multinational corporations investing in Indian markets, the need for more affordable transport for the workforce has created a gap in the automobiles market. Many vehicle companies like Bajaj, and Honda, to name a few, have tried to narrow this gap by introducing affordable models of motorbikes, but the most unique one remains the Honda Dio.

Especially in the corporate hub of India, Dio second hand price in Bangalore is comparatively lesser than other scooters for the same range. Owing to its growing population of motorcycle riders, the city is seemingly overtaking total bikers in the south. With high-towered workspaces dotting the city’s landscape, officer goers have to choose between using a public transport system or a personal car for daily commute. Personal cars do not count as feasible options for the middle class, who constitute the largest among Bangalore’s working class.

Choose Honda Dio for a smooth ride.

A survey by Down To Earth magazine has shown that in bigger metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, where distances are larger than in other metro cities, public vehicles only multiply the hassle for an ordinary daily commuter. The study shows that 15 percent of city office goers use buses while only 6 percent commute to work through public transport like tempos, autos, and taxis. Whereas 13 percent of the urban populace walk to offices, an incredible 21 percent ride a motorcycle to the workplace. The study supports the fact that Dio second hand price in Bangalore has been in demand for its power-packed features at a range of Rs 35, 000 to Rs 68, 000 (varying across colours, specifications, and Dio models).

While bike-selling companies are trying their level best to grab the attention of their customers with new models, the urban middle class of Bangalore is showing an inclination towards second-hand scooters or bikes after the economic slowdown in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Second hand Honda Dio comes with less amount of hassle.

Attractive features of Dio second hand in Bangalore

The majority of the city’s residents use the bike or scooter for daily chores, travel to work, and recreational purposes, for which second hand dio in bangalore is highly preferred. The most attractive features of Dio second hand price in Bangalore are:

  • Optimum styling with uber features
  • Lightweight for riders of all ages
  • It comes with a sleek design
  • Dio second hand comes with a glossy finish
  • Great mileage at this price
  • Smooth riding experience guaranteed

What do you get with Dio second hand price in Bangalore?

Riders have repeatedly praised the Dio model for delivering style in a scooter model. With a reasonable price for a scooter model, Dio’s design can easily give competition to any bike in the same range in terms of performance and styling. Let’s walk you through some of the promised features and specifications you can get with Dio second hand price in Bangalore:

  • It is a fan-cooling, petrol-driven scooter with automatic transmission
  • Honda Dio second hand has max power of 7.65 bhp @ 8000 rpm and max torque of 9 Nm @ 4750 rpm
  • The gear shifting pattern and clutch are automatic
  • Honda Dio has the emission standard rated BS-VI
  • With one fuel tank, its fuel capacity is 5.3 litres with a reserve fuel capacity of 1.3 litres
  • The riding range for Honda Dio has been quoted as 254.4 km with a top speed of 83 Kmph, as supported by experienced riders
  • Its rear brake is drum type
  • Honda Dio front suspension is telescopic suspension, whereas the back suspension is 3-Step Adjustable, Spring Loaded Hydraulic
  • The Kerb weight is 105 kg with a seat height of 650 mm
  • The manufacturer has quoted Honda Dio second hand price in Bangalore’s standard warranty as 36000 Kilometers and three years

How to get Dio second hand price in Bangalore right?

First things first, if you are scanning for a Honda Dio second hand price in Bangalore, you can get it right by identifying a trusted bike or scooter seller. Once you have a reliable seller in hand, you must follow this complete guide to settle for the right price for Dio second hand price in Bangalore:

  • Lesser premium for insurance – Check the age of the Honda Dio second hand price in Bangalore that you are buying. Its age determines its current market pricing, and hence the value should be proportional to the insurance
  • Scan the documents – Once you have checked the scooter’s Insurance, Service Manual, and No Objection Certificate or NOC well, you can have an estimate of its final price.
  • Low or no EMIs – The best benefit of buying a second-hand vehicle is lower EMI or no EMIs. So, ask your seller this question about the bike’s age, price when bought, and then compare it with the current market value to understand if your EMI is low or high.
  • Negotiation wins games – Do not beat around the bush with the seller, and confidently based on your above observations, quote a final price. Negotiating well is the secret behind getting the Dio second hand price in Bangalore right.

Why buying a second hand Dio online is a more preferable option than buying the vehicle in person?

Several buyers who have been buying from local dealers and offline second hand showrooms might feel hesitant towards upcoming online second hand seller websites, but with emerging technology, one must adapt. The benefits of buying online over offline are that:

  • If you purchase a Dio second hand price in Bangalore online, there is literally no tedious paperwork
  • There are no chances of low quality vehicles as the online sellers conduct proper testing before curating their collection
  • A smooth buying process
  • Quick delivery is ensured by sellers

In contrast, offline showrooms might not be centrally located, it will take weeks for you to obtain the relevant paperwork and another few days to obtain insurance framework, delivery, etc. Nowadays, online second hand sellers such as are taking all the credit for their well serviced vehicles and quick delivery promises, so definitely go for online sellers if you are to ask us!

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