Common Injuries During Elevator Accidents

Elevators are very common. These are found in almost every building, mall, hotel, and more. However, elevator accidents can happen for various reasons, mainly the negligence of the management or the respective authority. Although an elevator accident is not so severe, it can be fatal or cause life-long disabilities in some cases. 

If a victim faces an injury due to an elevator accident, the Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help them get the compensation they deserve.  

Elevator accidents can be prevented by following the rules written in every elevator, like not exceeding the number of people allowed at a time. Also, improved maintenance and other safeguards can prevent many elevator accidents. 

The most common causes of elevator accidents include:

  • Misleveling: 

Misleveling happens when an elevator does not stop at a floor level. It may leave a space between the elevator and the floor, resulting in trip and fall accidents. 

  • High speed:  

Excessive speed may lead to a victim falling onto the floor, hitting with sidewalls, or crashing into each other. However, it can be avoided by monitoring the speed of the elevator. 

  • Lack of proper maintenance and safety: 

An elevator must be checked twice annually. Lack of proper checking can also result in malfunction and put people’s lives at risk. If the elevator malfunctions, it can result in severe injuries or fatalities, and the management must be held accountable for their negligence. 

  • Defective doors: 

Elevator doors have sensors, these sensors make sure that the door closes slowly and no one is harmed when the door closes. However, if the sensor malfunctions, it can cause the elevator doors to crush a person in between and cause great harm. Some elevator doors close so rapidly that if a person comes in between the doors, the door could possibly lead to a fracture. 

  • Falls into the shaft of elevators: 

Falling into an elevator shaft is the deadliest elevator accident. Passengers may not notice that the elevator’s interior is missing, and they may get into the elevator and fall into the hole. 

Common elevator injuries include:

Elevator injuries can be very mild and do not require any treatment or worse and lead to death. The most common injuries include:

  • Head trauma. 
  • Slip and fall injuries. 
  • Broken bones. 
  • Death or a severe injury due to falling in an open elevator shaft. 

If you have encountered a malfunctioning elevator, contact the authorities to get it fixed to avoid any harm. Moreover, if you or your loved one is a victim of an elevator accident, you can contact a lawyer to get fair compensation. The lawyer will advise you on the legal steps to take and compensate for all your incurred damages. 

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