Common cybercrimes

As we all know that cybercrime has now become a common phenomenon that we have dealt with at some point in our lives. However, it is not impossible to avoid becoming a target of this type of crime. Therefore, we have outlined some of the most common cybercrimes so that you can get to know about them and save yourself from becoming a target.


These are the networks or systems that are being controlled by hackers. These hackers generate spam emails or alter the data on other systems through these botnets. These botnets are also known as malware and can perform similar tasks.

Identity theft

This cybercrime refers to when a hacker gains access to a person’s private information to exploit the information. This exploitation can be in the form of الابتزاز الالكتروني or using someone’s assets such as gaining credit card information and using the information for private benefit. This personal information can also be used by the hacker to pretend that they are you and then use this information to get benefits from different organizations in your name.


The usual intent of the hacker behind committing this crime is of ابتزاز جنسي. The hacker extracts the private files and information of a user and uses to against them for money to get some other work done. Cyberstalking can also be done against influential people to track their whereabouts and inform the persons interested.


This cybercrime is when the hacker sends out emails in which there are malicious attachments or links. These attachments or links help the hackers gain access to the system. The emails are drafted in a way that they seem authentic and hence the hackers become successful in asking the users about their password or bank pin codes. Hackers have become more tech-savvy day by day so they draft the email using the company’s name and logo to make the email seem as if it is coming from an authentic source.


These are online advertisements or emails suggesting to the user that they have won a prize where they have to enter their personal information to claim it. This also includes the buying and selling online where once the user buys somethings, the cybercriminal blacks the user and never gives them the service product they paid for. Hence it can also be called online theft.

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