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Clever Ways to Add a Dressing Area at Home

People don’t give much thought to their dressing corner. Despite being the coziest and most prominent part of your interior design, a dressing room is often the most overlooked aspect of your home design. In a traditional interior setting, a makeup table goes in front of the mirror. That makes sense. But, what if you don’t have enough space in your room?

Well, you can still squeeze a small dressing table in a small corner without making your room look cramped. In this post, we will walk you through a few clever ways to incorporate a dressing area at home. Let’s take a look:

Buy Functional Furniture

You don’t have to compromise on the dressing table if you have a compact room. Just buy functional furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, you can invest in furniture that can be used for your home office and for dressing purposes. All you have to do is hang a mirror on the unused wall near your workstation and use your office chair as your dressing chair. You could store your makeup stuff in the drawers of your office desk.

Use a Corner Space

The best part about the dressing table is that it can fit into a small space effortlessly. You only need to create a space for a chair. The mirror will be hung on the wall. Or, you can buy a dresser with a mirror to save space. If you have a small corner in your room that doesn’t obstruct the walkway, consider placing a dressing table there. Create an attractive corner by installing mirrors with a brass or silver finish.

Turn Your Storage Drawers into a Dressing Table

Your storage drawers near the cupboard can be used as the dressing table. You only need to place a mirror on the wall and place your makeup accessories either inside the drawers of this storage table or on top of it. It’s a perfect way to utilize the space around your cupboard efficiently. So, you will have storage-cum-dressing-corner in your room. It’s much better than removing your furniture just to create a space for a dressing table or placing the table in a place where it obstructs the walkway.

In-built Dressers

If you can’t create a space for a dressing table, how about turning your cupboard into a customized dresser? Buy cupboards with open shelves that can accommodate your makeup accessories and install a mirror to create your customized and hidden dressing space. It won’t obstruct your walkway. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cramming your room with multiple tables and chairs.

Use Floating Tables

Your dressing table doesn’t have to be a wooden chair and a desk that’s given a designated space. You can rather invest in a floating dresser, which can be used on any wall. Install quirky mirrors to create a wonderful visual and give your room a unique and classy vibe. A floating table serves as a functional piece of furniture that makes a wonderful addition to just about any interior theme.

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