Choosing a broker: Features of Exante and reviews of the company

The company is regulated by Malta, Cyprus, UK and Hong Kong. Exante operates under the MiFID Directive applicable in the European Union. The protection of investors’ interests and revenues is fully secured.

What professional traders are most interested in is the set of tools with which they can work and earn income. There are more than 150 thousand of them. This index is not bad for modern brokers. There are bonds, stocks, options, futures, precious metals, currency pairs and many very modern instruments that will satisfy the needs of advanced traders.

The number of instruments is amazing, as well as the access to all of them from a single account. This point is especially noted by Exante customers. The account can be managed both from a PC and a mobile device, because there is a corresponding software version.

One more point that is mentioned by everybody, who works with Exante broker, is the unique platform. This development is unique because it is created by joint efforts of experienced traders and programmers who were at the origin of Exante in 2011: Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev and Gatis Eglitis. The main aim of the platform is to create comfortable working environment. And this project was successful as there are a lot of reviews about the platform. It is noted its customizability due to the modular design. Any elements can be added or removed, thus creating your own working tool.

Clients note the fast execution of orders, which is also a plus for Exante. The platform is installed on any operating system, including a demo mode, you can install it right now.

Judging by the reviewed parameters, Exante is suitable for traders who are serious about their work. You will definitely be able to earn here. We recommend you to register right now and do not look for anything else, you will hardly find more profitable and convenient option.

What Exante reviews can tell you about: why so many positive opinions

Details about Exante broker: working tools, trading commissions, platform features, feedback from real clients.

Brokerage activities are very specific, it is hard to assess if it is good or not until you try it. And one does not want to risk and invest in the unknown. For serious trading one often needs a big deposit. But the modern Internet is multifaceted and more and more people want to give their advices, to share their experience in this sphere. Today we will tell you about Exante broker and find out why this company has received so much positive feedback.

The first thing to note is the huge range of instruments to work with and opportunities to enter dozens of international markets. Tens of thousands of stocks, currency pairs, options, ETFs, precious metals and much more. Their total number reaches 150 thousand. You’ll have access to the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and over 50 other global markets.

All options for algorithmic trading, scalping, hedging, limit orders, stop orders, interest on margin are available. All instruments are available from a single account, which adds convenience and speed.

One more point that attracts clients is commission structure. Exante, as a broker takes commission for its services, but compared to other similar companies, they are extremely transparent and clear. There are no hidden fees which appear after registration and those which are found out by accident. The amount of commission is fully dependent on your activity, there are only 2 payments: for trading and withdrawal. There are no fees for account maintenance, registration and other services. To learn all the details – follow this link, you will get a lot of useful information there.

There is another crucial point in choosing a broker, which regulator it is and whose laws it obeys. This point is important for the safety of your funds, because you can operate from any country. Exante has a license to operate from European and other regulators: UK, Cyprus, Malta, Hong Kong.

A special pride of the company is the working terminal, which is designed specifically for clients. It is suitable for all types of users – professional traders and beginners. It can be customized to fit your needs, and the speed at which the platform works is a pleasure.

Exante offers multifaceted user support, the support team works round the clock. In the case of difficulties in the work they can be corrected quickly. This is very important in trading, because it can affect the amount of income.

As it is already clear, in order to find a qualified broker it is necessary to consider many factors, and the opinion of those, who have already worked with the company, is very important. Even if you search for reviews about Exante on your own, you will notice that the company is loved and respected in professional circles. Do not delay, sign up now.

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