Change the look with a wet wavy wig

Want to change your look? You can do it with a wet and wavy wig, they offer a natural look and come in many colors. Wet and wavy wigs will change your look completely, you can use them plain or if you want you can spray them with water and you will enjoy their curls.

Another option you can find to change the look completely is with a full lace wig or the 360 lace front wigs. So, we want to give you some recommendations to make you look beautiful with any of these models, keep reading.


  1. What are the wet and wavy wig styles?
  2. How to prevent a wet wavy wig from frizzing?
  3. What does full lace mean?
  4. Features of a full lace wig
  5. What does a 360° lace front wig mean?
  6. Difference between a 360 lace front wig and a full lace wig
  7. Which is better: full lace or front lace?

What are the wet and wavy wig styles?

No matter how old you are, you can change your look with a wet and wavy wig, because this model comes in many styles. These wet wigs you can get them in different inches ranging from 14 to 26, you just have to decide its length and enjoy it.

The advantage of this wig, especially the natural hair ones, is that you can wear it wavy or straight, this gives you options to look different with a wig. In case you want curls, you just have to spray water to form curls, you will see how it changes your look.

How to prevent a wet wavy wig from frizzing?

If your wavy wig has a lot of frizz and frizz, don’t worry there are many ways to avoid those annoying tangles that don’t make you look good. The unkempt lion’s mane is due to many factors, humidity, heat and lack of maintenance, so learn how to avoid it with these tips.

  • Wash your wig regularly, remember that the cap is what gets the dirtiest and use wig shampoo to wash it. In the case of the cap, it is important to add a little fabric softener and let it soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Use conditioner, this product in wet and wavy wigs closes the hair cuticle and keeps each strand hydrated. You know what to put in a wet and wavy wig, use a conditioner with glycerin and apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends.
  • Don’t comb your wet wavy wig when it’s dry as this will increase frizz, it’s best to comb it when it’s wet.
  • When combing select a brush that has wide teeth, this will help remove tangles without damaging the hair and when it dries your wig will stay with each curl defined.
  • Never dry your wig upside down, we recommend placing it on a wig stand, either wire or plastic for better control.
  • When the wig is almost dry, finish drying it using a diffuser at low power to avoid damaging the hair.
  • Use thinning scissors, if you don’t have experience contact a professional to add that personal touch you want. This procedure must be done very carefully, because too much cutting will cause the wig to lose its natural volume.

What does full lace mean?

In wigs a full lace refers to the base or cap that holds the hair and each strand is hand knotted to this base. The advantage of a full lace wig is that it allows you to divide the hair into any section and each strand will look as if it is coming out of your own scalp.

Features of a full lace wig

  • The lace covers the entire dimension of the head, it’s not like 360 lace front wigs that are only attached to a single section.
  • Each strand of the full lace wig is hand-tied.
  • It makes it easy to make different hairstyles, because it can be separated into any section and look natural.

What does a 360° lace front wig mean?

It is a wig that has a lace front and makes a 360 circle that goes from ear to ear, to give you a tighter hold. The 360 lace front wigs are attached with glue and give such versatility that you can make a ponytail.

Difference between a 360 lace front wig and a full lace wig

As for the caps of each wig there are certain differences, in the 360 lace front wigs its cap is machine made. In contrast, the full lace wig requires a hand knotting process and is taken strand by strand.

Some 360 front wigs incorporate a lace, which spans the contour of the hair to encircle it like a circle around the head. Full lace wigs have a cap-like lace that completely covers the head, the good thing is that it makes it easy to part the hair at any point.

The biggest difference between the two is their price, because the 360 front lace wig is much more affordable than the full lace wig. In that case, if you are looking for versatility when styling your hair, you should ideally stick with a full lace wig.

Which is better: full lace or front lace?

We’re biased towards full lace wigs because they allow for different hairstyles and offer a very natural look. Although we will warn you that they are a bit more expensive than the 360 lace front wigs, only you have the decision.

If you like ponytails, the 360 lace front wigs are the way to go, just leave some baby hair in plain sight and you’re good to go. Also, their installation is less cumbersome than the full lace one, the good thing is that we have presented you with different options to choose from.

In short, you have multiple options of wigs to change the look and the ones we present in this section are the best. So, decide between wet and wavy wig, full lace wig and 360 lace front wigs.

Best of all, you can get them in different colors, lengths and hair shapes, you just have to choose the right one to change your look. They all offer a natural effect that will make you look radiant and even younger, choose the ideal one now.

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