CBD for Dogs – What It Is and Its Benefits For Your Dog’s Health

The talk about CBD and its benefits has been on for some time now. If you have no ideas about what it is, this article will put you through. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a substance found in the hemp plant.

Another ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These ingredients have found many applications in the health sector. However, the applications of these ingredients are beyond the scope of this article.

Over time, CBD was for only human treatment. However, to familiarize you with the concept of CBD for dogs, we will first answer some trending questions on the concerns of using CBD for dogs.

Trending Questions on Using CBD for Pets

Pressing concerns have sprung up in the past years. Several consumers are anxious about what it is for their pets – if there are side effects and benefits. We know you might have such concerns, so we will try to answer these trending questions briefly. Adding a pet product to their meals can help boost their eating habit.

What On Earth Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, as earlier stated, is one of the active components of the hemp plant. You probably have questions on if it can get your dog high. Well, cannabidiol has several effects, but one of them is not causing a high.

The active component of Marijuana that causes that ‘high’ is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Producers scan CBD raw material to ensure they have little or no traces of THC. The potential benefits of cannabidiol are desirable and outweigh any side effects that may be.

Despite the popularity of CBD products, it is still not approved for public consumptions in some areas. However, consumers can purchase these products from online vendors and stores.

What Side Effect Can Surface From Using CBD for Dogs?

After conducting several trials, scientists have concluded that humans and animals face similar side effects using CBD products. The side effects arise due to the wrong usage of these products. Some effects include diarrhea, appetite change, and fatigue. You can click on to read more about the side effects of CBD on pets.

To prevent such side effects, you can make frequent visits to a veterinary hospital. The vet would conduct regular checkups on your dog to ensure it is in good condition. Another way to avoid such reactions is to use the product correctly. Make sure you are applying the product as directed.

Benefits of Cannabidiol for Pets

The application of cannabidiol has extended from being used in human treatment to animals. Humans and pets often face similar health issues. Issues like anxiety, epilepsy, joint pain, nausea, and more, are shared by humans and pets alike.

If you find out that your dog gets nervous during a thunderstorm or suffers joint problems, cannabidiol might be a solution. Some effects of CBD are stated below:

It Helps To Reduce Anxiety

Do you notice excessive barking, damaging behavior, or restlessness whenever you are away? Your pet may be suffering from a condition called separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is similar to Separation Related Behavior (SRB). It refers to the distressed feeling in dogs that occurs when they are not around their owners.

However, cannabidiol products can correct this issue. You can get one from a trusted vendor. Remember to follow the vet’s instructions for administration.

Say Farewell to Epilepsy and Seizures

You may probably be surprised that dogs suffer from epilepsy. You can read about seizure disorders in pets here. Cannabidiol has proven to be a preferred solution for ending seizures. Though there are different medically tested approaches, they often cause liver damage.

It Reduces Pain

Animals go through various kinds of pain. It can be joint pains, inflammation, nerve-related, or more. If these are not treated on time, it can lead to more severe conditions. Applying CBD products helps relieve the pain. It is also confirmed to eliminate arthritis.

It Serves As an Appetite Booster

Do you think your pet is displaying a lack of appetite lately? Maybe it is time to get a CBD product. There are several factors responsible for lack of appetite. It can be an issue as pets need proper meals for their general wellbeing. Adding a CBD product to their meals can help boost their eating habit.

It Eliminates Nausea

Sometimes, your dog can show signs of weakness and may throw-up during or after meals. CBDs can help correct these defects that might come from a reaction to a drug or toxin.

Helps in Treating Symptoms of Cancer

Did you know? Anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies have come up with suggestions about the effect of CBDs on cancer. The study explains that it is capable of treating symptoms of cancer. It restricts the multiplication of tumor cells.

As much as this discovery sounds exciting, you should note that it is still under research. There is not much information on the effects on animals. However, the result is promising.


CBDs have several benefits for the health of your pet. However, you can contact your vet for professional advice before use. Self-medication is discouraged, as you might use the wrong prescription.

Cannabidiols are not allowed in some areas. Your vet might not be permitted to prescribe such products during treatments. Notwithstanding, if you still feel you need one, ensure you purchase it from the right source.

There are several side effects of using CBDs for your dog. It can come due to excessive usage. However, some of these effects go away in a while. On the brighter side, the pros are more than the cons.

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