Cannabinoids and the Challenges in the Cosmetics Industry

If we search from googling how cannabinoids are beneficial to the body in terms of beauty and how much has been applied in this field, I believe we will be amazed. that has been said about this matter very little.

I believe that there are more than 100 types of cannabinoids, many of which are likely to affect the physical structure and function of skin cells, such as degeneration and regeneration of skin cells, inflammation, cellular immunity, and Related section.

I say this because many cannabinoid receptors (CB1R and CB2R) are distributed in the sensory nerve endings and the skin cells.

This shows that the skin cells are already ready to respond to the action of cannabinoids.

But why is there so little talk about the function of cannabinoids that affect the cosmetic field? Of course, there may be many factors. Part of this is probably due to the recent unlocking of hemp marijuana. Making them start to study, scientists are primarily focused on curing the disease. As a result, there has not been any serious research on cosmetic products.

If we look at the different substances in the cannabinoids group, it can be seen that all substances come from Cannabigerol-type (CBG) and are broken down into different reactions. Co-occurring, such as light, heat, etc. Therefore, these substances have a very similar main molecular structure. There may be some differences in the location and number of some molecules.

This is a mysterious area. It’s a challenge waiting to be discovered!

Minor difference cbd öl bind to cannabinoid receptors, each of which controls a different mechanism. Like each male padlock, it is paired with its key pair. This will result in a strikingly different expression of the body.

I’ll show you an example. Maybe this will help you all understand it better.

Both THC and CBD are derived from the same precursor, cannabigerol acid (CBGA), resulting in the same primary molecular formula, C21H3002, and a similar molecular weight of 314.469 g/mol and 314.494 g/mol, respectively.

THC has a psychogenic effect, whereas CBD does not have this effect, although there is little difference between the two.

From this example, I’m about to say that there are more than 100 types of cannabinoids, many of which differ in the location of their binding to the molecule. And many of them differ in molecular structure. From ascending to descending. From this point, I think there are probably several other cannabinoids that directly influence cosmetic effects but have yet to be discovered. Or maybe it’s in the process of doing research; it’s possible.

This issue has a lot to do with the cosmetic industry. That scientist will have to study and research in-depth To find out, and of course, it’s not an easy task as there are over 100 types of cannabinoids that need to be researched individually. Including matching to find out which substance has the best effect on skin cells?

There are also many terpenes with different molecular structures. There was also no mention of the relationship that might have cosmetic effects.

In the future, we may find innovations from plants in the cannabis family that affect beauty to the cosmetic and dietary supplement industry. cbd öl is an excellent gift CBD. People can easily use it to make them shiner, and if anyone wants good skin, then CBD oil will be the best gift for him.


cbd öl is not legal in all country there are many conditions and terms for using CBD oil. ITs depend on the rules and low of these countries.

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