Candle Moulds: A Complete Guide

The fashion for creating candles is ever-evolving. New styles and techniques are being blended with old-fashioned candle-making procedures. Molded candles are the most recent candle craze even though they have been used for millennia. Candle makers are reinterpreting these candles in fresh, creative ways. Today’s market offers a variety of choices, including bubble candles and body molds.

Any candle created from wax that has been poured into candle moulds and allowed to set before being lighted is referred to as a molded candle. There are three crucial elements to consider while crafting a freestanding candle. You must first think about the wax. The mold should be taken into account second.

There are several excellent reasons for you to expand your collection of molded candles. You can broaden your selection to incorporate sizes and styles that jar candles cannot accommodate. Another choice is molded candles. This is a result of the ongoing increase in jar prices and declining supply reliability.

Free-standing candles must be made, which adds to the initial cost of the molds, which varies depending on the type. You can reuse the mold several times before it needs to be replaced if you invest in high-quality molds and take good care of them.

How Much Wax Should I Use For Molded Candles?

Since a free-standing candle won’t have a container to support it, you should select a wax that is exceedingly strong and can maintain its shape while burning. To create molded candles, several waxes can be used. These consist of palm oil, beeswax, and paraffin. It’s crucial to pick a wax whose melting point is lower than 140 degrees F.

They are more robust because tougher waxes than those made for containers can withstand heat more effectively. You shouldn’t use wax intended for containers to make candles. Very soft waxes, like soy and coconut wax, will be nearly impossible to remove from your mold. If you’re lucky, you might be able to take a container wax candle from your mold. Make sure to be ready to clean off any oily residue that may appear if you can pull your candle from the mold intact. When you choose wax designed for mold candles, you can be sure that your candle will look fantastic.

How Can You Pick The Best Mold?

You must select a mold after deciding on the wax you wish to use. We’ll examine two of the most popular kinds: metal and silicone candle molds.

Steel Molds

Metal molds are a great option if you want to create simple shapes with smooth sides. They are strong and can handle waxes with a high melting point. Compared to silicone molds, metal molds are substantially cheaper. If they are properly cared for, metal molds can endure a very long period. Metal candle molds from the past that have gained in value have attracted the attention of collectors.

Rubber Molds

Candles can be made in complex shapes using silicone molds. Professionals love to use silicone candle molds since they have so many advantages for creating candles.

Silicone Molds’ Advantages

  • When constructed from high-quality materials, silicone molds can withstand years of professional candle-making use.
  • It can endure wax temperatures of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Since most waxes don’t adhere well to silicone, it is not required to mold-release it.
  • The forms and embellishments that can be added to silicone mold candles are virtually endless.


A fantastic approach to improving your candle-making abilities is to create molded candles from free-standing candles. By doing this, you’ll be able to design brand-new shapes and looks that container candles simply cannot support. Even though they take more time to produce and may cost more money, once you start utilizing them, the advantages will surpass any challenges. They will be useful to you for a very long time. To extend their usable life, be sure to take proper care of them as well.

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