Binding love spells with photos

We have consulted Spellcaster Maxim on the topic. You can read more about his experience with casting spells of binding here at this link: Here, he explains which love binding spell is the best one for you. First, let’s find out what binding love spells are.

People started casting binding love spells with photos shortly after photography was invented. Before that magic practitioners used portraits or dolls which are now known a voodoo dolls, even though voodoo isn’t the only branch of magic using dolls for spell-casting purposes. Dolls can be made of dough, bread, handkerchiefs, wax, twigs, stings, wheat sticks, etc. Photography eliminated the need for making and using voodoo dolls in complex rituals in order to connect to the energy of the target. For reasons not yet identified scientifically, photos are closely connected to the energies and subtle bodies of the person depicted. So photos are great for magic rituals and love magic isn’t the only type of magic where photos can be used.

However, not all pictures can be used in magic. First and foremost, only recently taken pictures can be used. Secondly, there should be no other people in them except for the target. Thirdly, use printed pictures rather than digital or electronic copies. If possible, use pictures you took yourself, pictures nobody else has, even the target. This will allow you to get in sync with the target’s subtle bodies for targeted effects. This will be the topic of our today’s article.​

Love binding spells with pictures

High-quality love binding spells with pictures are cast using black-and-white pictures. When there is a new moon in the sky, put three white candles on the table. Put one in front of yourself, one on the right, and the last one on the left. Make sure you have enough space to put the target’s picture and some colored pieces of chalk in the middle. Take one piece of chalk and repeat the following text until you finish the ritual:

“Like my colored chalk is reviving your portrait, my love will bring meaning back into your life. You’ll be with me, you’ll be happy. Without me, you’ll be sad. You’ll be full of energy near me, and tired and weak away from me. Your future is with me, without me you have nothing. So be it until I tear this picture into pieces.”

Color the picture with your colored chalk. Then roll it up and drip some wax from the candle in front of you on the upper corner to secure the cylinder shape of the picture. Then put the picture aside and write down your names on a sheet of paper with each piece of chalk you have. Wrap the picture in this sheet of paper and put it away. It’ll work like a powerful love magnet until you tear the picture into pieces. This is how this spell is broken.

Another way to cast a binding love spell with photo is as follows. Buy a pendant in which you can put two pictures – your picture and that of the person you love. Wear this pendant for one lunar month and then, on the first day of a new moon take it off and repeat 12 times:

“You’re with me but it’s just the beginning. The next step is when you start thinking about me. Please think about me. The second step is when you start seeing me in your dreams. Please see me in your dreams. The third step is when you start wanting me. Please want me. The fourth step is when you fall in love with me. Please fall in love with me. The sixth step is when you call me yours. Please call me yours. The seventh step is when you stay with me forever. Please stay with me forever. Seven steps for seven days. I’ll ask you for it every day and you’ll be mine by the end of the seventh day.”

Close the pendant and put it back on your neck. Then repeat the ritual for the next six days. It’s believed that the target falls in love with the caster by the end of the seventh day, provided the girl really loves the guy. This spell is very fast but it stays effective for only two to three months. For longer-lasting spells, hire a professional spellcaster. Powerful spells require special skills and knowledge. So if you want a strong and lasting relationship, buy love spells and other spells from magic professionals. This is how you can get the result that can make you truly happy.​

Sometimes to make your spell stronger (to boost its effectiveness), you only need to charge the pictures with some energy. It’s not difficult to do. For three nights in a row, right before going to bed, hold the picture of the person you love in your hands for a few minutes (for at least 5 minutes) while looking the target in the eye. Imagine your life with this person and the relationship you’ll have. Then put the picture under the pillow and go to bed.

In five days, when the sun goes down, sit down at the table. Put your picture and the picture of the target of your love spell on the table and meditate for a few minutes. Then turn the pictures face up and just sit there quietly in the dark for a few minutes. You should be quiet both, mentally and emotionally. Then imagine yourself being near your loved one and say:

“Neither wind, no ropes or chains will keep you (name) and me (name) together. My soul, as big as the universe, my love, as hot as the sun, my desire, as strong as tree roots, will attract you to me. We’ll be together not for a day, not for a week, not for a month, not for a year, but for a very very very long time. Free your heart and let love for me in. Free your thoughts and let them flow towards me. I’ll catch you with my love. Won’t let you go. Will do everything I can to make you be mine. For a very very very long time.”

Turn your picture and write down the name of the person you love on the back side using red ink. Also write down his date of birth and the time (hh:mm:ss) he was born. Put the pictures together (facing each other). Naturally, it’s better to use pictures which have the same size. Besides, these should be full-length pictures. The fewer clothes you’re wearing in the pictures, the better. Both of you should also be looking at the camera rather than sideways. Your eyes shouldn’t be closed and you shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses in the pictures.

Now pass a thick string through a needle and pierce it through the corners of the pictures carefully making sure you don’t pierce the needle through your faces, and tie three knots in each of the corners, repeating four times:

“I’m tying you (name) to love me (name) forever. While the knots are fine, you (name) won’t be able to leave me (name). No one will be able to steal you (name) from me (name). You (name) won’t see anyone but me (name). If there is love when two people – you (name) and me (name) – don’t need anyone else, it’s our love. Your (name) love for me (name). My (name) love for you (name).”

Tear the string off and, while repeating the spell 4 times, tie three knots in each of the three remaining corners. Put the pictures in a white envelope without anything written on it, seal it with some candle wax. Light a new magic candle and use it to melt the candle you used earlier until you have only one fuse left. Now say:

“You (name) can leave me if you can restore this candle. Until then, you’ll be mine.”

Tie the fuse around your wrist and wear it until it wears through. Hide the envelope with the pictures in your house. Remember that these binding love spells with pictures work only if no one ever finds the envelope. As a rule, such spells work for up to 2 years.

A binding love spell with photo

To perform the following binding love spell with photo you’re going to need a nice photo album. Take your time choosing one and buy something you really like. Bring the album home and put it in the bedroom. Count the pages in the album and take the same amount of pictures of your loved one and the same amount of your pictures. Below are some picture requirements:

  • The pictures should be taken on a sunny day;
  • You and the target aren’t wearing any warm clothes;
  • You’re looking straight at the camera;
  • The pictures were printed out less than 1 week before the ritual;
  • They are full-length pictures;
  • All pictures should be different (no copies are allowed);
  • All pictures should either be either or black-and-white;
  • Nothing should be written on the pictures;
  • Wrinkled and torn pictures aren’t allowed.​

Now wait for the third day of a new moon and every morning insert one picture of you and then one picture of the person you love in the album. Make sure the pictures touch each other. Then write down your names under the pictures and draw a heart in between with a red pen. Take a red candle in your hand and whisper at it:

“Mother Night, Father Moon, you’re my helpers and protectors. The night will keep my secret, the moon will make my wish come true. Please, Night and Moon, Mother and Father, help me and put love for me in the heart of the man I love (his name), like I (your name) am putting this wax drop in the heart I drew.”

Then drip some red wax on the heart. Blow on it so it hardens. Close the album. Blow out the candle, put it on the album, and put it away. Repeat this ritual until there is a new moon in the sky. If there are any empty pages left, take a break until the moon starts waxing. Continue adding pictures in the album: one page for one night.

Don’t think the spell will be activated only when the album is full. It will start attracting the man you love as soon as you fill in the first few pages. When the album is full, the spell will take full effect. This is how love binding spells with pictures manage to melt the coldest of hearts. Such spells stay effective for a few years. So if you want to break it at some point (you never know), just tear the pages out of the album and tear them into pieces to separate your pictures from those of your loved one. This will break the love spell and free your hearts.

The last binding love spell with photo which we’d like to tell you about today is cast on a full moon. Take a picture of the person you love, put it on the floor, lie down next to it, close your eyes, and put your hand on the picture. Relax and wait until you see an image of your loved one with your mind’s eyes. Don’t force it. The image should come to you naturally. As soon as it comes, put a candle next to it and light it without opening your eyes. Then open your eyes, look at the candle flame and say:

“A butterfly was flying high hoping to fly far away. It wouldn’t let itself be caught. It was flying past me. But I caught it. I patted it with fire, setting the wings on fire. But I never burned the butterfly. Now it can’t fly anymore. It’s going to stay with me. It’s going to love me.”

Now stay near the candle for about twenty minutes thinking about your future which is going to be happy and filled with love. Repeat this ritual for the next four days – only when the moon is full. It’s a very strong spell and it can give you the love of someone who’s never had any feelings for you. However, this spell can’t help you get your lover back if you broke up after a fight or if your partner fell out of love with you.

There is a wide choice of love spells described on our blog, allowing you to choose one that meets all your needs, is effective and safe at the same time. We’re wishing you success, happiness and love.

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