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The Philippines does have a lot to offer, from natural discoveries to kiteboarding activities and adventures, all complemented by a vibrant nightlife that offers you the freedom to make your journey the best it can be. If you’re looking for something else to do that involves nature or water, whether above or below the surface, the Philippines has something for you and is well worth a visit.

Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, and Cebu are among the most popular tourist destinations, but everything depends on your preferences. Beautiful tropical climates abound in the Philippines, making it ideal for water activities of all kinds. There are two seasons: Amihan and Habagat. Amihan is the Northeastern Monsoon, which occurs from November to April, and Habagat is the Southwestern Monsoon, which occurs from May to October.

The best time to kitesurf in the Philippines is somewhere between November and April when the northeast monsoon is in full swing. The wind is usually between 18 and 25 knots, although on rare days it might be even stronger.  You can either join an organized tour, kite camp or even go explore on your own among the islands. You’ll discover incredible flat water, waves, and numerous beaches to discover. Several islands have a reef close offshore, so you’ll be able to enjoy both waves and flat water.

Now that you’ve learned about all the best sites and are excited to get out on the water, but you’ve never ridden a board or flown a kite before, have no fear! The majority of these locations have realized the economic potential of tourist interest in the said sport, and various resorts, as well as schools that offer courses and programs for beginners, have included it in their services.

Let’s now take a look at what the Philippines has to offer when it comes to kiteboarding classes.

3 of the Philippines’ Best Kitesurfing Lessons:

1. Isla Kitesurfing (Boracay)

Lessons on Isla Kitesurfing are conducted by certified trainers and they follow the IKO & VDWS standards for teaching. Students will be given an IKO card to prove their level at the end of each course. You’ll be able to rent gear in any IKO center across the world once you’ve earned your IKO level 2 certification. For the safety of students, all equipment is regularly checked.

  • DISCOVERY COURSE – If you really want to give kiteboarding a shot and see how hooked you become, this is a fantastic way to start. With simple activities, you will master the fundamentals of wind direction and how to pilot a kite.
  • BEGINNER COURSE – For beginners, this is the most popular option. They will learn all about safety, kite setup, kite flying, and body drag across all directions before moving on to the most exciting part which is getting on the board.
  • DAY COURSE – With the help of a skilled instructor, students will learn all of the fundamental knowledge and skills of kiteboarding. Students will also Students will also learn how to fly the kite, how to relaunch it after it drops in the water, how to body drag downwind, and how to stay safe.

2. Kitebantayan Surf Club (Cebu)

Kitebantayan Surf Club has a trained team of instructors that are dedicated surfers who like teaching and expressing their love of the sport with each of their students. They are knowledgeable about the kiteboarding process and provide instruction in a safe and fun atmosphere. The instructors possess years of expertise and teach in a safe manner, adhering to the IKO and BKSA’s standards.

  • 1 HOUR KITE LESSON – Beginners who want to go on an exciting trip into the world of kitesurfing would benefit from this training. A one-hour course introduces students to the thrills of kiteboarding. This lesson includes both basic theoretical and practical sessions, and students will leave feeling confident in their ability.
  • 2 HOUR TASTER SESSION – To get to the water start, this lesson skips over some of the more complicated aspects of kiteboarding. They’ll spend the first half of the class learning the fundamentals of piloting before ramping things up and learning to body drag across the water’s surface.
  • 3 HOUR REFRESHER COURSE – This lesson is ideal for boosting confidence after completing a course. For people who are having trouble breaking through a learning barrier, they provide comprehensive support and specific advice. They can go out of their desire to accommodate students get through to the level they want by teaching one-on-one.

3. Seabreeze Kite Club (Siargao)

Seabreeze Kiteclub is located on the finest launching or landing site on the magnificent beachfront in General Luna, Siargao, directly across from Viento Del Mar, and has a wonderful vibe.  Their IKO-certified instructors will help you go to the next level of kitesurfing. Seabreeze Kite Club quickly develops a beginner kitesurfer into an independent one who will be comfortable riding in all other destinations across the globe.

  • BEGINNER – This includes a 3-hour lesson and is ideal for individuals who are new to the sport and want to get a taste of the excitement.
  • THE EXPERIENCE – This includes a 10 to 12-hour lesson, perfect for those who already have experience in the world of kitesurfing.

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