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Best Interior Designer in Nagpur – DIY Tips for Green Interiors

Who doesn’t love staying around greenery and when it is all over in the house, you can enjoy your fresh and clean atmosphere in the house itself? Beautiful plants and the fragrance of flowers always bring happiness to the people around them whether it is inside the house or outside. Hence, the indoor plantation can be as beautiful as when it is done outdoor but keeping some things in mind.

In discussing various interior design tips with the interior designer, we have found that interior design has some set of rules but keeping interior plants has no rules. You can create a beautiful green interior anywhere in your house including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom.

We have listed here some really interesting DIY tips related to the beautiful green interiors at your home. Check it out and fulfill your dream of having beautiful plants inside your house.

1. Adding Plants to Old Sink

Having a plantation in the kitchen provides so much positive energy to the people working there. Many people love to have a small kitchen garden in their house where they grow some basic vegetables of their interest. If you have a space, you can utilize your old sink for growing your favorite vegetables and making a beautiful kitchen garden in that space. All you have to do is to wash the sink properly, add some mud to it and plant some organic plants like mind, coriander, spring onion, etc. along with some small flowers to add some colors and fragrance to your kitchen garden. It is a great DIY technique where you can use any such waste material to grow your favorite veggies and flowers.

2. Adding Plants to a Bookshelf

Isn’t it a great idea to add some greenery to the living room where you spend most of your precious time? You can add various bonsai plants at different corners of the house but we are going to tell you another DIY technique here that will make your old furniture look more useful and beautiful than ever. Yes, it is possible if you have an old bookshelf and you are planning to discard it. Do not do that, rather we can use it to make a really beautiful décor element for your indoor plants. All you have to do is to keep the bookshelf horizontally on the ground, fix a tray inside it that matches its size, and find some really beautiful indoor plants at the nursery for your interiors. The tray is important for avoiding the access water to spread on the floor, hence, try this at your home and tell us about your experience with it.

3. Adding Plants in a Fish Bowl

Many people discard their fishing bowl when they lose interest in keeping fish in it or by any chance it gets a little broken. Do not discard it now, rather use it as a home décor item to keep some beautiful indoor plants in it. You can even decorate it using some grass sheets, colorful pebbles, and your favorite indoor plant. Visit Concepts Architects.

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