The Best Eye Makeup Trends Set to Dominate in 2022

While it is always good to try existing makeup looks which are more so the best when it is a combination of colours, it is a new year and one must attempt to be bold enough to try something new.

While it is not necessary to try the following; if at any point it seems intimidating; one can always ‘make up’, using the term more literally here. To solve puzzles about what colours sit well, try applying the colour combination that comes to mind on the back of the hand. To look for the combinations in a hassle, find ideas in your outfit, the ones that are multicoloured. The colours that look good together as an outfit will also always work well in an eyeshadow look too.

A Peacock’s feather

Taking the classic 3 colour combination for an upgrade from the normal eyeshadow look, one such inspiration can be drawn from the peacock feather.

Observe the peacock’s feather closely, while it has more than 3 colours, the ones that stand out the most and make it its own distinctive kind are cobalt blue, a vibrant sea green and dark purpulish colour in the middle.

To achieve this look, prime your lids like normal. Find a small fluffy blending brush for the eye and pick up the vibrant sea green as close to the actual colour and cover your eye with the shade; blending as you go. To make a distinctive outer border, pick up some olive green on a pencil brush and blend it around the borders of sea green.

If you happen to have a steady hand, use a script liner brush to take Dijon yellow colour to make a half-moon shape on the eyelid, towards the side that is closer to the upper outer zone of the eye. Otherwise, pick some of this colour on a flat shaded brush to apply it distinctively over the aforementioned region. It is important that this and the next parts are done neatly and carefully because it makes or breaks this look. Shabbiness of any kind won’t suit it. Almost as if a mirror image had to be drawn to the Dijon yellow, use the cobalt blue shade to make another half-moon. These shades are meant to be blended. Lastly press some of the darkest shade of Prussian blue or wine violet you can find inside the cobalt blue much like the peacock’s feather in the picture.

Carefully without ruining any of the above, apply a steady eyeliner with a strong wing. Fill your eyebrows with dark brown.

Eye Makeup Trends

Any enthusiast of makeup would have noticed the transition that has taken place in eye makeup tips in the last decade. Swim back in time through the internet to the time of 2010 and acknowledge the simplicity and perhaps by today’s standard, ghastly eye makeup looks of the time. One colour; perhaps even being the oddest of all colours to be used in combination to the outfit; would be used to dab all over the eye. Since there was little to no understanding of how good eye makeup looks can be, all inspiration even by makeup artists was taken from fictional characters. Slowly those morphed into coherent and an artistic style of putting on eye makeup and almost all eye makeup looks, including the latest eye makeup that exists today does so because of the ever-evolving practice of putting on eye shadow by an individual.

A Flower Bouquet

The expression of more subtle artistic sides is always characterised best as eye makeup as no other region of the face; except the eye and the extended eye region allow a good enough stage for such art.

Find an image of a full flower bouquet on the internet for reference and select one which comprises of different coloured flowers for this look. Unlike the last one, this one is beginner friendly. Find shades of eyeshadow same as the colours as flowers of the bouquet to make small dots using the crease line brush onto the eye area and fill it completely in this manner. The stems of flower bouquet do not occupy a space in this eye look.

Pink Lemonade

The trendy eye makeup look; the last addition in the list of makeup look takes inspiration from Gigi Hadid’s Instagram post celebrating her sister’s leadership position.

To achieve something similar of its kind but different in its manifestation, one will need to set a mirror at level higher than the level of eye; positioning it in such a way that it allows the eyelid area to be seen without having to close the eye. This needs to be done to imagine trisecting the eyelid into 3 regions; this time vertically unlike the usual horizontal trisection.

In the region closer to that of the inner eye, find or make a pink shade that is ideally called salmon pink even though salmons are orange and apply it so that it shows well enough but isn’t sharp. Towards the end of visualised region, use the same brush to pick up some of the lavender and apply it likewise the last time. Here is where it differs from the last time. Towards the end of the middle region, one must find amethyst shade to complete it such that the transition into the outer region of lilac shade seems even and beautiful. Use the pencil brush to dab plum or wine as a dot and without using any excess; as it may ruin this beautiful ombre; blend it well. While blending it in the outer area of the eye take every measure to blend the colours in a way that is akin to the natural shape of the eye.

As eye looks are rarely seem complete without the addition of mascara or false lashes and eyeliner, do add them to your liking even though this look does sit well with tightlining the upper lash line.

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