Benefits of Using SVG Vectorial Format

SVG vectorial format is a very powerful tool to create images with! It provides very high flexibility and useful features that you can use to create static or animated images for the web. I’m sure you are familiar with the typical use of Photoshop to create images, where you can move the entire image you are trying to design using the selection tool.

In SVG vectorial format, your tool is your selection tool, so this problem doesn’t exist. SVG elements are supported by browsers and OS and can easily create beautiful images or animation of different shapes. I’m going to give you a few examples of the benefits of using the vectorial format for a web company or a website.

I’ll also describe some advanced use cases of SVG which might be very useful for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is SVG format

SVG is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) format, which is used to create vector-based designs. In essence, SVG format is just another markup language with a very simple structure and a very powerful set of standard features. This format is supported by all modern browsers and it is even a W3C Recommendation standard.

The SVG document is an xml file with a couple of attributes attached to it. This file contains any kind of SVG objects: ellipsis elements, text frames, polylines and polygons, animations, etc.

Just to make things even more clear and more interesting, I have put together a set of benefits of using SVG vectorial format:

Immediate response

SVGs load fast and they can help you increase page speed and help you interact with your user faster and more efficiently.

Less data used to work with

SVG format only has 740 elements, whereas, other graphic formats can have 1, 4, or even 8 million elements.

The style and color palette can be stored in a graphics format, while SVG supports only the standard color model.

All standard graphic formats are based on relative size, while SVG does not have this limitation.

SVG is cross-browser and cross-device friendly

SVG files can be sent to web browsers and can be opened without any problems. The browsers will render it according to the font, size, and the specific rules defined in SVG files. This includes CSS3 and jQuery.

SVG files have an architecture of a CSS element, where the style properties, viewBox, and offsetX are defined in the XML document. The browser then renders it based on those properties.

The framework can be reused on different browsers

Additionally, SVG files can be loaded by a plugin. This means that even the content within the SVG file can be retrieved on the web.

SVG files are reusable

In comparison to other graphic formats, SVGs are more reusable. All graphics that are part of SVG files are directly replaceable and maintainable. This means that you can replace the existing graphic with a different one.

This is very important for web developers because it allows them to create a website and then simply change the design once and create a completely new website.

Greater performance and work efficiency

SVG format makes your website go faster because it uses less information to present the page. It is recommended that you use SVG for most images that you are going to use on your website because the image will load faster than the image that is rendered using a PHP script.

If you are going to be working with animations, you will need to increase the size of SVG to add more data to it. This will make the animation more manageable.


SVG format is an amazing file format to work with and a very versatile one as well. It has a vast set of features and usability to ensure that you can create awesome graphics for your website without any issues.

It has become the norm for developers to include images in their website layouts. So, when choosing the type of graphics to be displayed on your website, always ensure that the ones that you select are SVG files.

Use the right graphic format for your website and boost the conversion rate!

Having said all of this, the bottom line is that if you use SVG format, you are going to have a stunning website.

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