Benefits of Conducting Quizzes in Online Classes 

With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, online education is the new preference of modern educators and learners. To teach online effectively, teachers need to practice different class activities and assessment methods. 

To ensure that students are gaining well out of your online course, along with giving quality explanations, having practice exercises and tests of the curriculum is equally important. To do so, conducting quizzes in online classes is quite an effective idea. It makes students more active in the classes and boosts their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills too. Let us discuss some other benefits of conducting quizzes in online classes. 

Benefits of conducting quizzes in an online class 

1. Assess student knowledge

Every online teacher tries their best to provide students with a proper academic understanding. However, all students are different with varied learning styles. To check how effective are the current teaching practices for all students, conducting online quizzes in the class is helpful. You can assess students’ knowledge in every online class by seeing how actively they are performing in the quiz. A quiz conducted after finishing every topic will help instructors track students’ strong and weak sections of that concerned topic. This will help teachers to identify where students are lagging, and which areas need to be worked upon for improvement. 

2. Ensure active class participation

Only teachers explaining the lessons and students simply sitting as mere listeners don’t work for quality online teaching and learning. Students’ involvement in the class is equally important. Ensuring active student engagement in online classes can be challenging, however by conducting quizzes, this problem can be solved. When teachers conduct interesting quizzes, students willingly participate in the class. Teachers can show one quiz question at a time and can ask students to send the answers in the chat box, or ask them one by one. This makes students more participative and vocal in the classroom. 

3. Helps to get instant feedback

When students give tests via pen and paper mode, they don’t get instant results. As teachers take time to check the paper and give results manually. However, this is not the case with online quizzes. Teachers can make quizzes that have an automated scoring feature. Different apps can be used in this regard. This way, after submitting the quiz, students get immediate results. Teachers can also give instant feedback to the students about where they are lagging and what more needs to be done for improvement. This helps to sell online courses effectively and grow in the e-learning competition. The appreciation received in the feedback motivates students too. 

4. Make the classes healthily competitive

Online classes sometimes give students a sense of isolation. Since physical meet-ups are not possible, students lack belongingness and connect less in the class. However, quizzes work best to keep students motivated and actively involved in the classes. When teachers conduct quizzes in online live classes, it develops a healthy competition. All students become eager to answer and be the top participants. Teachers to make this more competitive can give students points. The student or the group of students who get maximum points can be the winner of the quiz. 

Make quizzes in online classes a routine 

To sell courses online effectively, teachers need to be creative and unique. To do so, conducting attractive and interesting quizzes for the students is important. For successful online teaching and learning, make quizzes a class routine. The way you record videos and make study material for students is the same way you can create online quizzes too by using the right app. 

Quizzes can be created in a form format including filling in the blanks, ticking the correct option, answering in one word, audio listening and answering, and much more.  After finishing explaining a particular lesson or topic, have quiz time in every class. This will help you to check how much students have gained after each class. Better learning outcomes and assessment results can be achieved this way. 


For effective online teaching and learning, active student engagement in the classroom is very important. To achieve this, conducting quizzes is very effective. For every lesson, teachers can create attractive quizzes with audio and visual elements. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the benefits of conducting quizzes in online classes. 

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