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There are buzzwords: artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. This is exactly what the company Sypwai is doing, which has created a platform that trains neural networks. It took years of hard work by mathematicians, programmers, linguists, and so on. But everyone can use the platform and earn money with its help.

What is artificial intelligence?

Since the creation of the first computers, people have given them instructions: do this, in such and such order. The order and description of actions is called an algorithm. All programs that surround you work on the basis of algorithms. Everything is clear there: “If such a button is pressed, do this.”

The problem with algorithms is that they are completely helpless outside of their instructions. Computers do not know how to navigate the situation. If something is not written in the algorithm, the computer will not do it, even if someone’s life depends on it. If computers could navigate non-standard situations, we would never see errors and blue screens.

For example, you told the robot: “Before crossing the street, look first to the left and then to the right, and if there are no cars, then cross the road.” The robot approached the transition. It looked to the left, saw a paver there. The paver is not a car, so the robot crosses the road and smears on the asphalt.

To make robots behave a little smarter, complex algorithms are written to them. But the problem remains: everything that is not included in the algorithm will never be executed. And developers have dreamed of making machines think more independently for decades. To do this, they came up with a lot of things, including neural networks.

A neural network is a very complex database with a lot of formulas. Data comes from one database source, is processed using formulas, and returned from another source. The difficulty is to derive those formulas, thanks to which the neural network gives at least some useful result. The derivation of these formulas is machine learning.

How are neural networks different from algorithms? In algorithms, developers immediately prescribe the correct sequence of actions that give some predictable result. For example, a developer writes a program for calculating the area of an apartment according to a drawing, and all actions are described step by step: multiply, add, subtract, etc. If you look at this algorithm, its device will be clear, you can make changes to it.

Instead of algorithms, neural networks are given a lot of correctly solved tasks in advance. For example, ten thousand apartment plans with already registered areas. And the neural network begins to guess what result is expected. A separate algorithm tells whether it guessed correctly or not, and over time it learns to guess more and more correctly.

In the course of learning, the neural network forms connections that allow it to guess a useful result. What kind of connections these are, no one understands – we can observe them, but we cannot always understand the principle by which they are formed.

We can say that the algorithm does what it is told and gives a clear predictable result. The neural network guesses what we want, according to a principle incomprehensible to us. At the same time, if the network is sufficiently well trained, guesses can be quite accurate.

These useful properties of artificial intelligence have already found application in the following areas of human activity:

  • industrial production;
  • livestock and crop production;
  • business activity;
  • security systems;
  • information exchange;
  • transport, etc.

What does Sypwai do?

To understand what the company’s activities are, it is necessary to talk about some more properties of artificial intelligence.

Neural networks in their modern form are machines for processing numbers. The neural network does not understand that it is looking at a picture or driving a car – it only sees numbers at the input and produces numbers at the output. It does not even know that the output numbers have any meaning for us.

For example, a computer neural network receives seven numbers at the input (these are distances to obstacles and the direction of movement) and produces two numbers at the output – steering wheel turn and gas-brake. And already the racing game simulator turns these numbers into car simulator traffic. The neural network simply processes numbers:

The neural network still does not know how to improvise. It can act in a situation of some unpredictability, but it cannot generate original solutions. At the current stage of development, neural networks are only able to reproduce what they have been taught. They have not yet invented free creativity from scratch.

On the other hand, a neural network can be run on any computer. It’s just an algorithm and data. They can be copied, archived and posted on the Internet. This property can be used to create a platform where each user could train a neural network, compensating for the lack of creative abilities of artificial intelligence. The Sypwai company is engaged in the creation and development of such platforms.

What you need to know about the Sypwai platform?

The peculiarity of this platform is that you can work on it from almost any computer device. To do this, you do not need to have an academic degree, programming skills, qualifications or any special knowledge. All you need to work with the platform is elementary user skills and free time. The procedure is no more complicated than entering captcha, but much more exciting. In fact, by interacting with the platform, you are playing an interesting computer game. But at the same time, you also make money.

How to get started with Sypwai?

Go to and register. When registering, you must fill out the form that will be offered to you on this site. Choose your login and password. When registering, you must provide both a phone number and an email address. This double registration is necessary to prevent your confidential information from becoming the property of intruders operating on the Internet. The Sypwai website is known for its reliability, the company has never been involved in data breach scandals.

After registration, you will receive the necessary instructions and will be able to engage in an exciting and profitable business – training artificial intelligence.

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