Automotive and silicone rubber parts manufacturing

To a large extent, silicone is the material basis of some automobile parts, so silicone rubber parts manufacturing has a profound impact on the automobile industry. The automotive wiring harness is the main body of automobile signal transmission and plays a pivotal role in automobile design and use. The wiring harness is mainly composed of wires and cables, contact parts made of metal materials, connecting parts, and wrapping and fixing parts. It is a functionally critical automotive silicone part.

The automotive wiring harness connects the various electronic components of the car. It must not only transmit various signals accurately, but also ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, and requires a certain anti-interference ability.

Silicone in the automotive industry

With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for automobiles, the requirements for the power, safety and comfort of automobiles are also getting higher and higher. While improving the overall performance of the automobile, the problems of the increasingly complex main body and the declining system reliability of the automobile wiring harness have become a more important task in the design process of the automobile wiring harness. Silicone parts can show better properties than traditional rubber parts. Among them, the sealing performance of the wire harness plays a crucial role. Silicone rubber parts manufacturing contains important production conditions for the automotive industry.

About silicone rubber parts manufacturing

Due to the high heat generation at the connection, the harsh use environment, and the high airtightness requirements, higher requirements are put forward for the connector, and higher requirements are also put forward for the silicone that seals the connection. The stable oil release, low pressure change, and long-term high temperature resistance of the silicone at the seal play a decisive role.

Among the silicone parts, there is also a widely used silicone connection seal. The oil-producing silicone rubber has the characteristics of superior lubricating performance and long duration. The oil-producing silicone rubber improves the problems of poor dynamic sealing effect and short service life of the existing silicone rubber. The silicone rubber is suitable for various molding processes such as molding, extrusion, and injection.

Auto Silicone Parts

Silicone rubber parts manufacturing is a process as complex and sophisticated as the automotive industry. The amount is moderate, and the oil has a certain slow-release effect, which not only ensures the lubricating effect, but also improves the service life. The main features of oil-extracting silicone rubber are smooth feel, relatively high surface finish, relatively flat face, no sticky dust, improved wear resistance, and strong adhesion.

Automotive silicone parts are a product category that is difficult to easily understand. The oil outlet silicone rubber connector seal has good sealing performance and aging resistance, and has a wider range of operating temperatures. Capable of being used in more demanding environments, ensuring the integrity of the connector’s functionality.

silicone rubber parts manufacturing creates effective solutions to connector material problems in the automotive industry. It avoids the problem of frequent replacement of connector seals, and provides strong support for the safe and stable use of the equipment.

The connector and the wire harness need to be interspersed with each other. The oil outlet connector seal has a continuous and stable oil output rate, and the surface is lubricated, so that the wire harness can be easily passed through, which provides great convenience to the process operation.

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