Allen Iverson’s thorny career

Basketball is a rather harsh sport, and therefore it’s not surprising that among the athletes there are many players with an ambiguous fate. If you analyze the NBA, such a player was definitely Allen Iverson. You can use the bet Bangladesh link to place bets on the regular season and playoff favourites. As for Iverson, it should be noted right away that his incredible talent was intertwined with a difficult personality, which may have prevented the full potential of a defender from unleashing. Unsurprisingly, he was drafted number 1 to the Philadelphia 76s in 1996.

For this team, he spent his first ten seasons in the league. Allen Iverson could deliver incredible performance even after a crazy nightclub party. There were no authorities for him. He was hated by his teammates, but he was the idol of the fans. Even now, there is no such charismatic player in the league, but players from Bangladesh can still bet on their favourites using the 1xBet link. In addition, it is worth noting that despite being 183 centimeters tall, he was an extremely productive player. On average, for Philadelphia, he earned 26 points per game, spending 42-43 minutes on the floor.

Subsequently, he played in the Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies. In each of these teams, Iverson was the leader, but his indicators began to decrease towards the end of his career. He spent his last NBA season in his native Philadelphia, in the 2010/11 season, after which he tried to play in “Besiktas” the next year. It is worth noting that he played football before starting his basketball career. All sports live betting on 1xBet allows you to bet on your favourite athlete, if he, like Iverson, is fond of several sports. In total, the defender earned 24368 points in his career, which is one of the best indicators in the history of the Association. 

The basketball player also played for the US national team. However, participation in the 2004 Olympics was a complete failure for Iverson and his team. The Dream Team took only the third place. If for all other sports it was possible to imagine such a development of events, basketball live betting on 1xBet for this national team was accepted with minimum odds.

Key achievements of the basketball player

Although Allen Iverson didn’t play for the clear favourites of the NBA, he still showed an excellent performance, thereby inscribing his name in history. All league matches are now available at, so you won’t have any problems betting on your favourite team’s matches. During his career, the main “gangster” of the NBA:

  • participated in the NBA All-Star Game 11 times;
  • has been named MVP of the regular season;
  • has twice been named MVP of the All-Star Game.

Excellent performance and these awards went to the player with a height of 183 cm. With his game, Allen proved that on the floor height is not everything. Therefore, if 1xBet gives you an opportunity to bet on a team without players over 2 meters tall, you should consider this option. After all, this guy has already proven that everything is possible in sports.

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