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People often play checkers professionally where they have to pay for each game. But here we are talking about free checkers games anytime and anywhere. Classic checkers is played by intellectual people who love to show their skills. To play free checkers, you need to learn the whole thing beforehand, since there will be a crowd in competition with you.

  • How to go about it:

If you have no idea about playing checkers, please refer to a short guide created by the website for beginners.

  1. Play checkers with real people online
  2. Learn unique tricks to ice the game from the beginning
  3. Bringing a twist to the game and making it interesting
  4. Choose your checkers buddy with whom you can play checkers.
  • Other games on the site:

Some websites like games online will provide you with amazing games apart from checkers too. Minesweeper, Solitaire, Chess, Russian checkers, and hundreds of games are waiting for you. This site provides you full-screen mode on your browser to experience the game to the fullest. You can play any of these games o your mobile, laptop, or PC from your comfort zone.

  • Rules Of Checkers;

Starting from the beginning, you need to remember one single goal and that is removing all the pieces from the opponent’s side. You can also beat them if they have no more moves left for their pieces. Either way, you will be the winner.

The pieces are supposed to move diagonally until they reach the last row on the opponent’s side. They should always stay in black square to make a move. Your piece can jump over the piece that belongs to your opponent. This will remove their piece from the game and will keep you one step ahead of them to win. It can slide into an open square adjacent to it. Normal pieces can move on the opposite side step by step in each turn.

Force jump is a feature that where you will have to jump whenever that move is available. Only the first jump can lead to a double or triple jump if needed. Normal pieces are promoted to the king’s post when they reach the end of the rows on the board on the opponent’s side. The game either ends or draws depending upon the moves or pieces left.

  • History Of Checkers:

Checkers is a board game played between two players who love to be challenged. 3000 Bc this game was discovered to be played by all individuals. You can play the game in a variety of ways depending upon the number of pieces and board size.  American checkers, Canadian checkers are some tabletop versions to be played.

  • What Are Draughts?

Draughts is just another name for checkers in British English.

  • Tips and Tricks:

Checkers is the most played game worldwide when you include the people who play it offline too. When it comes to playing free checkers online, you better be the best at it. Here are some tips and tricks to play checkers that you can use on your opponent and win the game.

1. Hugging the side should not be an option.:

The beginners who start to play the game show tendency to rely on the sides. We agree that you can’t be jumped over if you are on the side. But this safe gameplay won’t help you in long run. You have to let yourself be vulnerable, not to be attacked by the opponent but to be able to kick him off.  Advancing your pieces towards the center is the best way to manage the game. When you are in the center, you have more options to move. This mobility will give you a free hand to make sudden moves and win.

2. The home row should be reserved:

The home row is the back row on either side. You should reserve this piece for future use when you get stuck. If your home row is occupied, your opponent will not be able to make the king. You can also jump onto them without missing the opportunity.

3. Focus on the end:

In the beginning, you must focus on the endgame by moving around the pieces on the opponent’s side. The opponent team should not have their kings. Players having more kings in checkers are most likely to win the game. Hence it is advised to start early to win the game.

4. Block the Opponent:

If you capture your opponent’s pieces, you win. This is because he can’t make any moves. Your victory depends on your opponent’s loss. It is a bit tricky to grab the opportunity every time the opponent’s [iece is in a vulnerable situation. But with practice and time, you can ace the game of checkers.

5. Trade The Pieces:

Trading your pieces can give a huge benefit to you when you are ahead in the game. You will be able to obtain more pieces of the opponent’s team and move forward towards the end of the row of the board.

  • What Checkers Teaches You?

Checkers isn’t just a game. It is a skill-based game that will not only improve your memory but also help you solve problems easily. You must not only play for yourself but also ask your children and family members to play it.

  • Difference between offline and online checkers:

Do you want to play free checkers? Then join in online checkers. Learning a board game can be beneficial for everyone. Sometimes it is not possible to carry your board and pieces. But online checkers solves this problem by being available on your browser in full-screen mode. This way you can enjoy the game the same as you play traditionally on board. Various game modes will give you options to choose the one that is best for you. Though the rules of the game remain the same, it will always be interesting to play it online because of its music and graphics.

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