Advantages of Machine Cut stones also called Ndarugo

Ndarugo stones is a stone-cutting enterprise located In Thika, Kiambu. This article will focus on the various advantages of machine-cut stones.

Machine-cut stones are the most preferred stones for construction in Kenya. Many contractors have identified significant advantages of using machine-cut stones, which this article will focus on and assess.

As the name implies, these stones mined using machinery are cut into cuboids. Contractors in Nairobi and Kiambu prefer to get their machine cut stones from Ndarugo, Thika Road.

They are Neat

We can all agree that construction sites that use machine-cut stones look appealing because they are all of the same shape and level.

Less use of Mortar

Because these stones are evenly cut with a straight and even surface, the masons only need to use a small amount of mortar to bond the stones.

Also, after the building is done and the plastering stage is due, you can save on the motor, unlike when you manually cut stones, since you will not be forced to fill in some uneven spaces.

The Stones are Fast to Build with

When using machine-cut stones, the building is a lot easier and faster. It will also save you money because you’ll not need labor to shape the stones.

They are Cheap

Compared to other manual cut stones, machine cuts are seen to be cheaper. For instance, ndarugo stone prices are affordable to any person looking to build.

They Save Costs

Machine-cut stones save you a lot of money, especially on the Mortar. You will notice that you will only need a small amount of mortar for plastering, unlike if you use manually cut stones.


Although the machine cut stone has received many praises in the construction industry, it is seen to have some unavoidable flaws. These disadvantages are however, ones that you can work around. They include;

They are not strong.

After sampling a few reviews, it is evident that these stones are very delicate and often break during transportation and offloading. Therefore they require a lot of care to avoid unnecessary losses.

They are not suitable for the foundation.

When building a foundation for your house, you don’t want to go for machine-cut stones. Most contractors recommend manually cutting stones from the deeper ground.

Transportation cost

Because they incur a transportation cost of purchase, it is a bit expensive compared to the manually cut stones.


Machine-cut stones are effective in the building projects but also have disadvantages, as discussed above. The strength of the stone depends on the quarry and the depth in which the stone is retrieved. Most machine cut stones are not obtained from deep surfaces; therefore, they tend to be weak compared to manually cut stones.

In Nairobi, the stone quarry is located in highly accessible areas. These areas are mainly where many machine-cut vendors mine these stones. Machine-cut stones are usually cut into three length sizes; 4inch, 6inch, and 9inch. The price of the stone mainly depends on the quality of the stone. The stones are categorized into different grades depending on the quality.

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