Accident in Huntington Beach: Understanding California’s statute of limitations

Getting injured (or losing a loved one) in a car crash in Huntington Beach could be a traumatic experience. California makes it mandatory for drivers to report an accident to the DMV when death, injury, or significant property damage (worth$1,000 or more) is involved. You should call 911 immediately for medical assistance and must inform the police. Once the dust settles, consider talking to one of the experienced injury attorneys Huntington Beach for a free assessment of your case. Since California is a fault state, the at-fault driver is liable for your losses, such as lost income and medical bills. 

You have limited time to file an injury lawsuit after a car accident, determined by the statute of limitations. In this post, we are sharing the basic details of the statute of limitations in California. 

The basics

The statute of limitations essentially sets the deadline to file a lawsuit after a personal injury incident. This extends to all cases, including dog bites, medical malpractice incidents, and road accidents. If you don’t take action within the given deadline, you will lose your right to sue the at-fault party. In California, you have two years to initiate action after an accident. However, the statute of limitations does not apply to insurance claims. If you lost someone you love in a car crash in Huntington Beach, you still have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The only difference is when the clock starts “ticking”. In case of someone’s death, the two-year deadline is applicable from the date of death, which can be a later date than when the accident happened. 

Get an attorney

Hiring an attorney is not mandatory to pursue a car accident lawsuit in California. However, this could be the wisest step of all. Injury attorneys know what it takes to file and win a lawsuit. Most car accident claims and lawsuits in Huntington Beach are settled without a trial because that is an expensive option for everyone involved. You have to get an attorney so that you can save time. As you file a third-party insurance claim, the clock continues to tick as per the statute of limitations in California. Insurance companies have their ways of delaying claims, and if you hire a lawyer, they will work on the case, considering all aspects. 

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