7 Ways To Start Your Career In The Agri Sector

Planning to start your career in the Agri sector? If you are passionate about food, farming and sustainability then this is the right place for you. We have put together 7 steps that will help get your foot on the ladder of a successful career in agriculture.

1) Start at the bottom

From the moment you step behind a tractor, to when you are commanding your own field team, working in agriculture is all about hard work and dedication. The only way you can learn this is by starting from the bottom. Get involved during school or college with projects such as shadowing or placements. This will give you first-hand experience and a foot in the door, which will help you to develop your knowledge and skills.

2) Get a qualification

The number of people leaving our industry is increasing and, so we need to ensure that the ones who decide to stay in it are properly trained and qualified through Agri Talent. It can be tough trying to balance work, home life, and studying for a course, but if you really want to succeed in agriculture then this will help you to move up in your job when you are ready.

3) Volunteer when you can

It’s important to get involved when you can, volunteering within the industry or even for charities that support food security or environmental sustainability is vital in building our sector together. These types of projects will help you network and broaden your skillset, giving you an advantage in your career.

4) Always keep learning

Without constant development, the industry will stagnate. Reading up on new techniques and innovations can provide yourself with new ideas and approaches to learn from. There are plenty of different ways to do this; whether it’s through journals or even online courses which your employer may provide for you.

5) Be proud of your work and interests

It’s easy to feel like the only people who are interested in agriculture are farmers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The number of people who rely on food production is huge. By getting involved in projects and initiatives, you can help to inspire others by getting your voice out there.

6) Embrace technology

The sector is becoming increasingly innovative with the rapid rise of technological advancements in agriculture. These are exciting times for the industry, opening up new possibilities that will shape where it goes next. Some of these technologies include artificial intelligence and robotics.

7) Get involved in your community

If agriculture is your passion, then you should share this with others. Whether it’s by attending events or encouraging schools to start up their own allotments, these are the types of projects that will help land you your dream job. This can be anything from showing school children around your local farm, to attending sustainability events where you can meet industry professionals.


With the number of farmer-to-farmer memberships rising, there are more opportunities for land managers who have a passion for agriculture. If you are passionate about food, soil and sustainability then this is your chance to get involved in one of the most rewarding careers out there!

By: Eric Reyes

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Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time.

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