7 Nail Polish Colors That We Will Use This Summer

Temperatures are rising and the days are getting brighter. We start to think about beach. How to bring more color to our lives, whether in clothes or nail polish colors? This can be either through nail art or classic smooth nail. Summer is really the season when we feel more comfortable to dare in colorful looks. And nails are a great way out for those who are used to neutral outfits.

The colors help to enhance our tan and bring even more fun. As we are already feeling the warmer weather, we went to find out how to update our nail art and bring the nail polish colors that will rock at our favorite time of year. We have from the classics like pink to the color predicted by Pantone like the one for 2021, yellow. If you are passionate about nails that are beyond the obvious and are always on top of trends, come with us to know everything!


Green has been in our looks ever since, just a swipe on Instagram and we find several inspirations with the color, but it is also a promise for nail polish colors. The flag green is the right choice to bring the color point to the summer and, of course, a super trend.


If you are looking for a lighter, fresher and more delicate look, bet on pink in light tones. The color matches any skin tone and, despite being a classic, when in light shades it brings modernity.


If you are one of those who love a cool and modern look, turquoise blue is the right bet. The tone has already been used by the creative director of Gucci and shows how refreshing, yet bold, it can be. It is perfect for days at the beach and shopping with the colors of the sea.

Off white

It’s been a while since off white was out of our chosen nail polish colors , it’s the right option for those who like nudes, but want something more daring. It brings the freshness that we are looking for so much in the season.


If we’re going to talk about shades for summer 2022, we need to talk about coral. The color brings the reddish side so typical of the season, the mix between red and orange makes your nails more creative, fresh and innovative.

Blue or lilac?

You know when you look at nail polish colors and don’t know if it’s blue or lilac? Well then, this tone is exactly one of our bets for the season. The coloring refers to flowers, matches the most colorful looks and also highlights the most neutral ones, that is, it is for everyone.


While we wait for the 2022 color predicted by Pantone, we continue to love and bet on the 2021 color, yellow. The color is already directly associated with the Sun and values ​​our tanned hands, so we have no doubt in announcing it as one of our best nail polish colors bets.

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