7 Crucial Shoes Styling Tips Every Men Should Know

There is often a say that you are always judged according to your hair, handshake and most prominently, your footwear. It is not that easy to get it consistently right. You may dress up all perfectly, but if you choose the wrong footwear, you will be out of the game. Shoes for men are always available in different colours, styles, and patterns but do we know how to style them?

Well, the answer for that is arguable because, in most cases, it is a big no. But we hear you. Shoes for men can either complete your look or break the total look. So it is crucial to understand how to style them. So, here are seven styling tips that you should definitely know before you so buy men’s shoes that your looks are on to the point.

1.  Quality

Whether it is the minimal sneakers or the classic oxfords, it doesn’t matter what you choose unless and until it is of premium quality that would go years down the line. Others can look good in the beginning but will only last for fewer months. Shoes for men of good quality will last longer with the perfect shine as that on the initial day. We don’t purchase shoes frequently, so when you do, make sure they are worth every penny. Go for the versatile pair always

2. Don’t go for matchy-matchy

Don’t match your outfit and the shoes every time. Sometimes going matchy-matchy can be boring. So for the next time, rather than matching your shoes with the clothes, try matching them with the other accessories like your shoulder bags or watches. This will help in elevating your look and breaks the monotony. To make it simpler and less confusing, try neutral colours like white, black, or tan brown. The basics can never go wrong and are much easier to style. This gives you a mature, put-together look. Or, if you want to be a little more adventurous, go for bold colour shoes for men. Pair them with a plain outfit and elevate the look instantly.

3. Fold your bottoms

It is always important to know how to fold your bottoms. If it is for a formal occasion, do not go for folding; instead, go for tailored bottoms. And when it comes to a casual day, try the slim look with tight folding. Avoid thick foldings as they may make you look shorter. Thick folds make the whole outfit shabbier so try to keep them as neat as possible.

4. Socks on or off

Socks play an equal part along with the shoes. If you are going for the loafers, show the socks on. But in the case of casual sneakers, make sure you go for ankle-length ones. In general showing, the socks are good in the case of formal occasions as it is informal to show the ankles. So always know to keep your socks on or off according to the footwear.

5. Know to keep your shoes shining

It is undebatable that good quality shoes last for a longer period but only with proper maintenance. No matter if you follow all the crucial styling tips, if the shoes for men are dirty, then your whole look goes wrong. Presenting yourself in shabby, filthy footwear is the biggest mistake in fashion. And it gets even worse if you are incorrectly cleaning the shoes. The longer you push your cleaning days, the harder it gets.

6. Style only after the comfort.

Shoes for men are the same as the outfit you choose. You enter the shop, try them on, and make sure that they are perfectly fitting. No matter if they are high-quality costly shoes, you will always have to keep in mind that you do not want to end up hurting your toes. Try them with socks to understand if they are too tight or too loose. Remember to look good it should always fit well. Comfort always comes first.

7. Invest accordingly

Remember to spend your money appropriately. Do not buy casual sneakers for your formal meetings. Flip-flops work well for your holidays, but they will never look good with your work outfit. No matter how casual the workday is. You can even end up violating your office guidelines. If you are going for a delicate formal look and all you have is heavy-chunky shoes, the whole look becomes ruined. You can save those heavy shoes for men for the upcoming jacket days. So style shoes for men appropriate to the occasion.

There is a say that good shoes can take you to good places. No matter what you wear above, if your feet do not match, it is a big fatal flaw. So make sure you follow the above do’s and don’ts to create an impression. To sum up, if you style the shoes for men correctly, you are calling attention. Good shoes alone cannot make a point. You will have to style them correctly so that you make a statement.

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