5 Things to Do on a Night Out in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is one place you cannot forget unless you have a goldfish’s memory. Apart from being the home of Bollywood, it’s also the home of extensive culture and activities. The energy in this city’s nightlife is worth having an experience from buzzing to dancing all night long, making this a must-visit destination for everyone.

Stick around as you learn about the best places where you can spend your time visiting when you visit Mumbai. You cannot exhaust the places to visit in Mumbai from museums, temples, and many other tourist attractions. Below are places where nightlife is lived to the fullest that you need to attend when you visit Mumbai.

The Thing to Do on a Night in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city where you can never get bored if you are a nightlife lover. There is a lot to do in this metropolitan city in Mumbai, from late-night dancing to gaming your favorite game to wagering for the best team. Here are the most fantastic things that will carry you away to Mumbai.

Casino Deltin Royale

Your visit to Mumbai will be great since there are five star casinos with your favorite games. One example is the Deltin Royale Casino on the coast of Mumbai. The casino runs 24/7 with an extensive gaming floor and many casino games. The casino caters to their punters’ tax brackets and VIP areas.

If you would love to game in private, you can play at new online casinos. Online casinos are more convenient since you can play anytime and anywhere. You can also pause your game if you want to take a break. The platforms are easy to play on, and if you encounter any problem, the customer service desk is on standby, waiting for your query. Online casinos have better bonuses and fewer limitations than land casinos.

Have a blast at smaaash

You will party, play and dine in Smaaash. Built on 12000 sq, it presents many games that offer you an excellent virtual reality experience. You will play multi-level games like sky karting, bowling, cricket with virtual reality like the actual game.

Your hunger pangs stop from their delicious exotic cuisines and mouth-watering cocktails. The beer here is cheap, so your partying experience is on another level. Remember to wear your dancing shoes since the music is lovely played by the top DJs.

Club XXO

XXO is a celebrity hotspot because of its elegant designs with luxurious décor. The club has full-scale windows, giving you a panoramic view of Mumbai. It has mouth-watering menus and cocktails that will keep you engaged.

Get an elite clubbing experience from this alluring nightclub. They play music from all genres that you can dance to the entire night. The club opens seven days a week; get your reservation today and tag a friend or a colleague for a mind-blowing experience.

Live Music Events at the Quarter

Do you love live jazz music? Visit the modernly decorated place with beveled mirrors with stunning chandeliers. Live your twenties once more with a well-selected playlist as you enjoy your favorite cocktail.

The quarter is one of the best jazz music that the acoustics will carry you from different genres. There are other places in Mumbai where you will enjoy live music, like Razzberry Rhinoceros, Habitat, Hard Rock Cafe, Flyp, among others.

The Juhu Beach

Don’t visit Mumbai and take a stroll on one of the most famous attractions on Juhu beach. Being the longest beach in Mumbai, it attracts local and international tourists. You can gaze at the stars while playing with the cold water while enjoying food stalls. You can also enjoy the horse carriage, dancing monkeys or watching the cricket.

The most colorful season to visit is during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, where it turns so colorful when the disciples carry the Ganapati idol during the procession.


Mumbai never sleeps, and it’s the best destination where you can enjoy so many activities without getting bored. From punters to bowlers, they can game all night in safe venues, and for the music lovers, they can enjoy live shows or dance their hearts out from classic nightclubs. That is Mumbai for you. That’s why you must make a date to visit.

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