5 of The Most Common Student Jobs 

Some say that college years are the best years in life. But they are also the most challenging ones: these are the years, when a lot of responsibilities drop on the shoulders of teenagers. They start dealing with a seperate life and paying their own bills, while attending universities. 

Some students who still keep on living with their parents, also decide to have part-time jobs. Anyways, be it out of obligation or out of ambition, many students start working at this time of their lives. 

In this article, read about 5 job ideas that you as a student may not have considered.

1. Social media manager

Social media marketing specialists are the ones who promote the company product on different social media portals. They plan the SMM strategy, put advertisements, do the posting and communicate with the followers and social media users. It can be an advertising through a facebook status or a reel on Instagram, social media manager literally manages the accounts of the brand. 

A part-time opportunity for this job position can be perfect for a student. Though you have to be able to take photos, edit them, film videos and make reels to retain customers. Some social media managers do the content writing too. So have in mind these skills that are necessary for this position. 

2. Content writer

Content writing has boomed in the last decade and is so undoubtedly trending in 2022. Content writing is also one of the most in demand and highly paid positions today. These specialists write and edit articles, blogs, texts, video subtitles and do translations. All in all, they write and edit all the textual content related to the brand. Sometimes they also occupy themselves with the communication with customers. 

The position is available on a half-time schedule and can be done 100% remotely with the help of coworking space software. So if you have severe writing skills and want to unleash your creativity do not hesitate to apply to some content writing positions. 

3. Web designer 

Web designers are the people who are responsible for the design of the website. Web designers’ profession is growing proportionally to the digitalization of our world. Businesses are gone online and no company website can be done professionally without a web designer. 

This can be a cool opportunity for a student in graphism, in tech or in arts. There surely are some skills needed for the job: you have to be savant in programs like JavaScript and Adobe.   

4. Photographer

Teenagers nowadays are rather good at visuals. That is why photography is rather common between students. If you have them, have you ever considered making money out of your hobby? Well if not, you probably should. 

Photography can be suitable for those, who have an eye for capturing moments and have some photo editing skills. A basic knowledge of PhotoShop or other photo editing programs is essential. 


The jobs for students are many and different. And everyone can find something in their field of study or the one that can satisfy their salary expectations. Already the will to work at such a young age is great. Finding the right and beloved job in the diverse world of 2022 is possible and real. 

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