5 Celebrities Who Aced a Women’s Denim Jacket


Denim jackets made a huge comeback at the end of the 2010s, and you bet many celebrities brought their twists to denim looks. They’re so classic, come in different varieties, and can make a somber yet classy statement without you doing anything else.

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Iconic Celebrity Touch

From parties to movie premieres and from award shows to casual strolls down a lane, here are some of the iconic celebrity denim looks from the past two years:

  • Kylie Jenner
  • Priyanka Chopra Jones
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Ariana Grande

Kylie Jenner

Kylie and her daughter became a hit with the paparazzi when they attended a birthday party. Kylie Jenner wore a floor-length jacket. It looks like an overcoat and makes you look distinct. Not only that, but she also wore a denim python print by Alexander Wang.

On her Instagram posts, she can be seen wearing acid-washed, rugged denim jackets from Balenciaga too. You can add some nice patterns to your look if you want to put your twist to it, but we trust in the Queen.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore an oversized belted denim jacket after attending a Jonas Brothers performance, and it was an instant hit. She paired her jacket with a denim miniskirt and yellow sandals to highlight her ensemble.

You can also go full denim, but do not go down the route Britney Spears took. You should always have a knack item that breaks the monotony, and Mrs. Jonas knew how to do just that.

Gigi Hadid

Going over to her (ex?) husband Zayn Malik’s place, Gigi was caught by some paparazzi wearing a light washed, distressed cropped denim jacket which was a little oversized. She merged the oversized Gen Z fashion with the denim look, and we love her for it. She paired the jacket with a pair of black leggings, a black tee, and a red bag. You can add some sunglasses or a bandana to the look to give it a more spring/summer vibe. You can pair the leggings with some white sneakers too, but you can also go the Gigi way and wear them with boots.

Jennifer Lawrence

Remember the time when JLaw was snapped wearing a denim jacket saying the word “PERV” embroidered on the back with bold letters? Yup, that was in 2016, but the iconic style has still trickled down to today.

The Oscar winner was on her way somewhere on a Sunday in Los Angeles wearing a denim-on-denim look, and pairing it with black cut-off short shorts and a black crop top. After all, it was an Alexander Wang denim jacket for women.

Her edgier style can always be replicated, but you can add your twists: You can go with a studded leather bag, sunglasses, or even a black tank top instead of a crop. You can get some trendiest shoes or sneakers to go with the look. Medium heels can make you look unique as well.

Ariana Grande

Ariana’s denim jacket on Snapchat made waves in the fashion sphere a while back, and we cannot appreciate the look more. In the Snap, she can be seen wearing a denim jacket with a Rugrats logo embellishment — giving us all major Disney nostalgia.

Ariana wore the jacket as the only top on, but you can add some sunglasses, a pair of leggings, or yoga pants with the look. She even wore a Harry Potter-themed denim jacket, so you can go for that if you like.


You like wearing women’s denim jackets, but how else are you going to figure out a way to look cool with it without looking at the Hollywood A-listers? Denim is here to stay, and whether you pair the jackets with indigo jeans or cream chinos, the look always says something contemporary and hip. So, don’t hesitate, get inspired, go out and experiment with your style.

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