5 Applications That Is Must Have For Every Student

As a student, there are some specific requirements that you need to fulfill daily. And to make these daily tasks easier, there are several applications available for you.  Let’s discuss each of these applications that can do tasks like converting PDF to Word to keep track of all the activities you do in a day.


Ursafe is an application developed especially for UG and PG students who tend to stay late at libraries and other places for studies. This app has an SOS feature that will help you in any unfortunate situation. All you need to do is put a phrase or click a button, and the emergency protocol of the application will get activated.

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

In times when digital education has become a trend, students are often required to scan and send their assignments in PDF format. This application lets you scan all types of documents, notes, whiteboards, college IDs, etc., and make a PDF file of it. The most attractive feature of this app is that it removes all the glare from the whiteboard automatically while you scan it.

Evernote App

Evernote is a note-taking app that works on all devices: Android, IOS, and windows. Moreover, this app allows you to add notes manually by typing them into the app, or you can simply scan them from your notebook. It also has the option to create memos, notebooks, to-do lists, and checklists of your daily chores. It also allows you to store files in all the formats, such as PDFs, videos, audio, photos, and sketches. So if you want to store your note in a PDF file, you do not need a PDF to Word converter before keeping it in Evernote.


This is a great application where a student can get a wide variety of courses to choose from. This app is free to use and can be used on mobile and windows on sync. This application has courses from all the fields of job and also offers certificates from top universities like IBM and Harvard. Furthermore, if you do not have money to buy courses listed here, you can simply apply for monetary help on the platform and get the course for free if your application gets approved.

Microsoft Excel

Today every student must have a fair idea of how MS Excel works. Because today or in the near future, they will get to use this application for their work. Moreover, a lot of students use Excel to keep track of their monthly expenses and investments. Therefore, it is a must-have application for every student.

Apart from these applications, a student should have an oxford dictionary app to help them with complex jargon. And can also download Mathway to help them in solving complex mathematical problems. And above all, they should have Grammarly, an app that can help them in polishing their assignments and reports and can help them in fetching decent grades in their classes.

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