4 Ways to Ensure Great Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service refers to the customer care provided through social media platforms. Depending on the business and its target audience, you can choose where to provide your customer service. If your potential clients are active on Facebook, use it as a platform to stay connected with them and provide social media customer service there. 

This article aims to provide ways to ensure excellent social media customer service to your customers. 

Why is it important?

Before we jump onto the ways to provide customer service through social media, let’s understand its importance. Many users like to hang out on social media. By enabling this communication channel, you can ensure comfortability for your customers to choose how they want to connect with you. 

Choosing social media customer service is when you understand the importance of customer service and its practicality for your customers. 

How to shape excellent customer service through social media?

Below you will find four ways to shape excellent customer service through social media. 

Identify social media platforms

As your first task to customer service providence through social media, you need to identify the social media platforms that your customers use and are comfortable to get connected to. You can simply provide some options on your website that will link to your social media platforms. Later, you can analyze how many click on the separate links to your social media platforms and invest in customer service providence on the ones that get the most clicks. 

Tagging your business in their FB statuses also hints that your customers are largely using Facebook and would like to be connected with you through it. Besides that, you can pass tests on social media platforms and find the ones that would most probably be convenient to your customers. 

Set communication standards 

Set communication standards based on the popularity of each social media platform for your customers. You can decide to provide customer service through Instagram since your customers use Instagram the most. You can provide customer service through Instagram DMs (direct messages) and answer the message requests of your customers not to leave their messages unattended. 

Design automated replies

You can create automated replies as part of your social media customer service. You can do so on Facebook. You can create automatic responses to the most common questions from Messenger directly or by integrating Manychat or other chatbots. 

Brainstorm the ideas with your team, use coworking space software if you do not have your customer care specialists in-house, and come up with the best question-answer tactics. 

Confirm tone of voice

As social media provides a more friendly and family-like atmosphere, you can low down your strict professional approach when providing customer service through social media platforms. Instead, choose a more friendly and soft tone of voice for your conversations with your customers. 


Providing social media customer service shows how much you value multichannel communication approaches. You add one more way to stay connected with customers. Identify social media platforms your customers are using, and provide friendly customer support. Integrate automated replies if necessary, and follow the communication standards from the beginning. Provide high responsiveness to your customer requests. 

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