10 Online Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

The coronavirus pandemic kept people at home most of the time and this has made it necessary to look for creative ways of passing your time. One of the best activities that could keep you engaged in playing multiplayer games with friends.  Other than the Politics & War that has become a popular multiplayer politics game, are 10 amazing multiplayer games that you can choose from.

1. QuizUp

This is one of the most notable trivia globally, which is also a multiplayer game. Trivia is among the many available classics and allows you to challenge old players, while also making it possible to meet new ones who share similar interests with you. Moreover, you have an opportunity to create personalized trivia, which can be used for learning purposes or for entertainment purposes depending on what suits you.

2. Fortnite

This is a game of survival and has become increasingly popular among different cadres of players. It’s among the best free multiplayer games that put you in a hunger mode and the player will be the last one standing.

3. Codenames 

This free multiplayer game can be played by a group of 2-8 friends, with two teams and a spymaster being part of the play. There are 25 codenames on the table that you need to guess, and this raises your adrenaline.

4. Psych!

Psych is a game for those who think that they know their friends. There are various fun categories that anyone can choose from, and every player will be providing a fake answer to real trivia questions. Of all the fake answers that are provided, you should offer the most outrageous answer. This is where you put your bullshit to the real test.

5. Skribbl

This is an easy-to-understand and free multiplayer game which can help to bring out your inner Picasso. You can create private rooms for as many as 12 friends. This game is a charade that is turned digital.

6. Among Us

This game is recommended for 4-10 friends who want to play together and enjoy a great adventure with their friends. This game is exciting and there is no doubt that it will drive the players crazy. In this incredible game, you get to be in space, and to find out who the impostors are. It’s a game that offers serious fun.

7. Mario Kart Tour

This kart racing mobile game is enjoyable and it is one of the best classics that everyone will appreciate having. This game is both android and IOS friendly and you can have a blast with your friends while playing this incredible game.

8. UNO!

This is a classic American-style game card that’s now virtual and which can be played by friends who are located in distant places. It’s fun and interesting, and you play as if you are sited together in the same room.

9. Cards against Humanity

This incredible game has been regarded as a party game for horrible people. This game aims to ensure that people feel horrible or awkward, just as you can with your answer.

10. Call of Duty Mobile

This video game has remained popular for years now and it’s designed to be in a first shooter mode. For now, it’s one of the many multiplayer games that are available for free and which can be accessed from Android and IOS stores. This is a fantastic choice for every gamer.

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