10 Best Blurred Picture Captions for Instagram

Gone are the days when clear, focused shots were the only ones that were acceptable. Blurred photos are the current trend, and they’re here to stay. The out-of-focus elements of an image are known as bokeh, and they are an aesthetic in and of themselves. ‎

It is thought that memories fade or become muddled with different recollections over time. However, the feelings that particular events leave with us are consistent, and we may have them again and again. Similarly, blurred photographs may obscure individual details, but the moment itself is captured to the greatest extent feasible.

Do you want to share some of your greatest blurred photos on Instagram but lack blurred picture captions? Pictures without captions, especially blurred ones, are less inviting these days. Blurred picture captions on Instagram are similar to putting the soul in blurred photos. So here are the ten best blurred picture captions.

1. My life, my rules, my blurry picture.

Let us start with one of the most used caption about blurred pictures. You must have heard the phrase “my life my rules” a lot of the times but in this caption the phrase “my blurry picture” has been added to it. You can use this caption on your blurred pictures to let other people know that you don’t care about what other people think of this picture. You love it and that is all that matters.

2. Blur is the new beauty.

Blurred pictures are trending a lot these days and if you want to follow the trend too, take out your camera, take a blurred picture of yourself, and put it on Instagram using this caption. This way you will not only join the trend but will also be able to make other people believe that blurred pictures are beautiful too.

3. Imperfection is beautiful.

‎Sometimes blurred pictures have more details than focused pictures therefore you should not fear uploading them on Instagram. But to express the story behind your blurred picture you need to put a relatabale caption with it. Many people say that blurred pictures are imperfect. This might be true to some extent but you cannot say that imperfection is not beautiful. There is beauty imperfectness and blurred pictures are a proof of that.

4. Experimenting with blur!

If you have not taken a blurred picture before or you have blood pictures saved in your gallery that you have not uploaded them on Instagram, take them out and upload them on your profile instantly. If you are afraid that your followers will give negative comments on your picture, you can use this caption to negate that effect. This caption will tell your followers that you are just experimenting with this blurred picture. If you receive positive comments you can carry on uploading blurred pictures of yours and if you are not happy with the results you can refrain from it too.

5. Blurred vision yet colorful life.

Many people believe that they can perceive nothing from a blurred picture because everything is so dull and ambiguous in it. They say that they cannot see what is happening in that picture, or where it was taken. But if you use this caption on that particular picture you can let other people know that although the picture is blurred, the view inside the picture is alive and kicking. It is as colorful as the world you see around you.

6. Maybe I don’t want crystal clear every time.

Most people are fond of clear-cut and focused pictures. This is why there is a separate tab in cell-phones and cameras known as “Focus” that you can use to adjust the focus of your picture. People try their best to keep the focus at maximum level to capture sharp images. Therefore when you upload blurred images on Instagram, people might criticize your photography skills. If you want to get back at them you can use this caption. This caption will tell them that you did not want a sharp image but a blurred one and you love it.

7. Blurred perfection.

If you show this caption to any person he will say that these two words do not go together. In English literature this phrase is called an oxymoron. An oxymoron is collection of words having opposite meaning for example a wise fool, an illiterate teacher, etc. People will say that perfection is never blurred but you can let them know through this caption that blurred images can be perfect too.

8. Just out of focus.

I can tell you this from my personal experience that whenever I uploaded a blurred picture on my Insta profile, a lot of my friends commented that this picture is out of focus or it is not sharp. Therefore to avoid such comments you can just use this caption on top of your blurred pictures to let your friends and followers know that you have taken these out of focus pictures on will.

‎9. Bokeh pictures are proof that, being out of focus is beautiful too.

The term used for out of focus background, wallpaper or pictures is known as bokeh. Words matter a lot in when you use them to tell people about something. One thing can be said in a number of different ways. If you say that this picture is blurred people might criticize it. But if you say that this is a bokeh picture this is a positive term that praises your out of focus picture.

10. This came out blurry but it is artistic to me.

Do you know what art is? It is something that is not clearly visible to the eyes and you have to dig deep to understand its true meaning. If we apply this to blurred pictures it will give us a very good sense of why they are beautiful in their own way. Blurred pictures are like a painting in which you cannot see what is happening when you first take a look at it. But if you look closer and you analyze its different aspects you will get to know the true Artistic merit of that picture.


Instagram is the finest social networking tool for posting photos. People’s first objective when publishing a photo on Instagram is to earn likes and followers. This is why individuals take a variety of interesting and appealing photographs, including blurred photographs. They then add fantastic captions to these photographs that match the picture.

Blurred photographs prevent people from swiping past them without noticing or liking them. Photographs with blurred backgrounds are very popular. They also greatly assist you in gaining more followers and likes on your articles. It’s simple to take a blurred photo, but it’s far more difficult to come up with a suitable caption for it. This is where this list will come in handy.

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